Has the rise in food prices, oil, gasoline etc. . . altered the way you spend money? Meaning less eating out,?!

Question: vacationing, traveling?

Answers: vacationing, traveling?

Well, my mom and i don't go on vacation much anymore, we spend most of our money on a regular amount of groceries and ofcourse, bills. We try to stay in so we don't use the car too much, gas is soo expensive. But, when bills are paid and we've got extra money, we spend it on lots of fun stuff. It works for us, but we used to go do stuff and spend alot more. On top of the rise, my mom has also invested in two buisnisses, and gone bankrupt now, but she's catching up more and more, but the rise isn't helping:(

Yes, I don't buy as many "luxury" goods now and I go longer between spa services like hair and pedicures. I also buy cheaper brands that I normally didn't at the grocery store. Eating out is about the same but I go to less expensive places sometimes.

Well i now work more hours so i spend less time at home so the heating is not on as much less time to cook so eat out more so use less gas mmmmmmmmmm i think that out is my new in

Rise in food prices, oil, gasoline etc. . . altered the way of my spend money not less eating out,but giving priority to necessary items

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