Where are some places one can host a graduation party other than their house?!

Question: it is approx. 2 months before graduation day and i have family that cannot be outside for long amounts of time, i want to have it outside, but they dont.

Answers: it is approx. 2 months before graduation day and i have family that cannot be outside for long amounts of time, i want to have it outside, but they dont.

You can have it in resturent but make it shot to suit your family

suggestion: you can rent out a hot club were all your friends hang out

You could rent a reception hall in a church or at a hotel. If it's at a hotel you could pick a place near the water somewhere that way the people that want to stay inside can and the people that want to be adventurous can go out. Also, if it's at a hotel and some people want to have drinks they have the option of staying the night instead of driving home.

well look up event halls in your area on yahoo yellow pages of go to nice local hotels and rent out one of their event rooms or a suite

well you could do it at night at someones house. idk if that solves your outside thing, but at least the sun wouldnt be so harsh. i have all my parties at my uncles house cause he has a pool, but right next to it a really cool indoor lounge with a bar and tvs. if you know anyonelike that.. lol i hope this helps

rent out a super stretch limo and have the party in there, party on wheels could be the theme, how about some random strangers house, that would be funny. nightclub, library,

See if you can rent a shelter at your local park.

If you have a friend who lives in an apartment or condominium complex they usually have clubhouses, ask them if they'd be willing to rent it for you. We're doing that for my husband's birthday and it'll only cost us $50 to use for 3 hours.

a great place would be in a park at noon.just make sure its no raining

Check into halls like Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose clubs. A lot of them will rent out their reception halls on Sunday afternoons for a reasonable price. I rented one 2 years ago for $300. We got use their kitchen facilities to prepare the food, ice from their ice machine, tables and chairs, sound system, free parking. For the money it was a good deal-they cleaned up afterwards, and the area was air conditioned. Where I live there are also nursing homes, day care centers.community centers and churches with reception rooms for rent.

If you want it outside what about a Country Club that has a deck? It would be half inside and half outside, your guest could choose.
Also you could rent a covered cabana in a park, that has fans in it.
Botanical Gardens
Rent a boat/yacht for a night: would be cool! Could have the party catered.
Street Cafe: again inside, outside, your guests could choose.
A restaurant that has outside seating.

Good Luck!

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