What are some good foods to serve at an open house?!

Question: I can't think of much that could sit out all day, how is this kind of affair handled?

Answers: I can't think of much that could sit out all day, how is this kind of affair handled?

We use crock pots and warming trays to keep food hot and at correct temps.YOu could also buy or rent chafing dishes.

For cold things we get a huge box (like a under the bed rubbermade type thing) and fill it with ice. We then put the bowls of salads and things on the ice. Just remember to check the ice now and then to see if it is melting and refill when necessary.

hot dogs and rolls are easy, i do them for many different occasions. you just keep the water hot and the rolls all ready nearby with sauces too. people help themselves as they wish and dont need a plate or cutlery, but can wander around with roll in hand.
too easy...
good luck with the event

make a main dessert something really good and rich that everyone lieks eg. something chocolatey ;D

what about tea sandwiches, i have to make these freaking things everyday at work, or maybe meatballs, finger foods, shrimp cocktails, cheeses, small egg rolls, puff pastry's, deserts, but i would say tea sandwiches, if you want email me at stick444455@yahoo.com and i will give you the recipes i use at work.

good day

An open house that is on The real-estate mkt for sale do you mean? If so, Cookies are great, it makes the house smell wonderful too. Not that it is stinky but it gives the aroma of home baked cookies and a warm homey feeling.
Magic cookie bars are widely loved as well. Can't go wrong with cookies. Butter cookies or your favorite. I have an awesome Butter cookie recipe if you want.

COOKIES, is the best option. People will eat them. Make them chocolate chip the majority of people like those. and if someone brings their kids to the open house the kids would be ocupied with the cookies and the parents would have more time to fall in love with the house.

Good day,
Open house foods...
Cold foods can be placed in a roasted pan w/ ice and will cold for 3-4 hours.
But thing easy and no hassle to you
Trays; fruit, veggie, meat and cheese(get at Dell)
Salads: fruit, pastas, potato (Deli)
Relish tray: Pickles, olives, mayos mustard's
chips and dips
asst breads (bakery)
Set up buffet the night before
Ice chest w for ice and one for cold drinks
Paper plates, plastic ware and napkins.
right before open trays and set out.
Buy extras of something to replace as need..
Be the hostess w/ the mostess..

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