Should I serve alcohol for lunch?!

Question: We are having our friends over this weekend for lunch and 2 young kids. I don't drink, I have an alcohol problem. Should I serve wine to them for lunch? It doesn't bother me if people drink around me.

Answers: We are having our friends over this weekend for lunch and 2 young kids. I don't drink, I have an alcohol problem. Should I serve wine to them for lunch? It doesn't bother me if people drink around me.

If your guest want to drink and you won't be tempted to join them it would be OK. The addition of the 2 you children might be an incentive not to serve alcohol but this would be at the discretion of your guests. Have it available and make the offer, that way you are covered in either case.

No. You should not. Nobody misses alcohol at lunch. And having it there or in the house will provide a perfect excuse for you to drink.

Talk to your sponsor. If you don't have one, go to AA and get one.

i don't think alcohol would suit for a lunch.. and also in front of kids??
anyways alcohol would suit only with dinner.

Never serve alcohol to kids, try giving them PB n J. You might want to see how the kids are behaving before deciding if the parents need a drink tho.....

sure why not, it's your own decision in the end. don't listen to these ppl.

No you should not. If you had a deathly allergy to Pepsi would you feel obliged to offer Pepsi........I think not.

No, it may not bother you, but if I was your guest I would not want to drink in front of you.

Good for you for asking.

I wouldn't. One because there will be children so naturally the parents won't be drinking because they are driving. Two, I'm going to assume your friends know that you have had a problem with alcohol in the past so I'm sure out of respect they aren't going to want to drink around you anyways. So I say no, don't serve alcohol. If they ask if you have anything then I would but if they don't then don't bring it up.


Doesn't that really depend on your friends and your relationship with them? My God, the authors of the majority of these responses need to loosen up!! If you really don't have a problem with people drinking around you, have a bottle or two on offer! If they aren't comfortable drinking around you they should be sensitive enough to decline. And if you don't want the temptation, tell your friends to take anything that's left over.
Responsibility is everything, particularly if they happen to be driving with the kids. Provided they don't both go and get completely wasted (and, not forgetting the kids' safety, that's also their choice), a drink with lunch can go down just great.

I serve beer at all my get-togethers, morning, noon or nite:)

If you don't have a problem with people drinking around you I would have something to offer them just in case. Some people do like to have a glass of wine with lunch on the weekends so I would have something on hand. I don't think having a ton is necessary, but something.

And people can have one drink with lunch as opposed to getting trashed. And just because there are kids there doesn't mean that the one drinking would be the one driving home.

No.If its dinner,then maybe.And never drink infront of kids.Show them good examples

no u sholudnt

If your guests are wine lovers and enjoy meals with a glass of wine(or any drink) much better, why not? You want your guests to have a good time when you invite people over.
It's holiday weekend and some foods simply taste better with wine.
If you want to make it a bit lighter since it is 'lunch'
you can serve 'Sangria' with lots of fresh fruits as a great alternative.

I would also have fun non-alcohol drinks like fruit smoothie, home made fruit punch or Martinelli's Apple Cider so the kids also feel special and not left out.

Just because there are kids at table it doesn't mean adults can't drink. Adults should NOT get drunk and wasted.

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