What did you eat for dinner today?!

Question: ham dinner with a banana split cheese cake for desert

Answers: ham dinner with a banana split cheese cake for desert

Southern food at a family Easter get together - ham, chicken n dumplings, creamed corn, sweet potato souffle, butter beans, green beans, hasbrown casserole, and tons of desserts. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i had potatoes, steak, and shrimp and earlier i had some bbq chicken and pork, after that i had a chocolate bunny and right now i feel fat and for breakfast tomorrow i will have a cheeseburger

Ham, scallop potatoes, brocolli, carrots, vegetarian cheesy lasagna, dinner rolls
and for dessert there was plenty to choose from but had a slice of my homemade cherry cheesecake*

I had raveolli, a roll, and asperegus with ranch. Then later, I had some chocolate and pomegranet juice.

very untraditional Easter. Pan pizza from Pizza Hut and Honey BBQ wings. lol

all the good fattie food in the world..
star with sausages, perogies, brownies, cakes, pies...
It's hard not to gain few pounds during a holiday eh?

Fresh ham with all the trimmings.

Only a class of milk is swimming in my stomach.

Cold roast turkey, scalloped potatoes and steamed vegetables, with strawberry yogurt for dessert, and then I finished off my Easter egg supply.

Rabbit (ha ha)
where's the beef

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