Ideas for 21st birthday party for our daughter?!

Question: We are not party people, but I don't want to let this milestone just slip by. Please tell me step by step, how to set it up.

Answers: We are not party people, but I don't want to let this milestone just slip by. Please tell me step by step, how to set it up.

invite friends
buy booze
put away precious vases/ornaments
let them run wild
hire a cleaner

Slumber parties


stripper party

Invite all of her friends over for a surprise party. Have a keg and some mixed drinks.

hire a venue put $2000 on the bar get a good band and let her go wild...

If its a suprise party just hire out a venue.
Decorate the place up.
Music_best to hire out a propa disco.
Then get wasted!!!

1. get your daughter involved (unless its a surprise)
2. find a venue.
3. pick a theme or something fun
4.send invitations
5. decide on food or whatever.
6. order decorations
and then just go from there :)

well... yy dnt uuu jus gett a limo ndd invite lyk her mates frm work or college or watvea nd then jus do tha....limos r bout £80.. so not tha much 4 such an important milestone/birthday.. xx p.s ave a gd day wateva uu do.. x

Buy cake
Hide valuables
Let her run wild
Don't do anything -.-II


Let her manage her own party coz shes big enough to think by her own plans.

PS: Have a good party

Well, I did this for my husbands 30th but it would work beautifully for a 21st. There is a company here that specializes in casino parties. You can probably find someone similar where you live. It's easy to do because you just have to provide a venue. Then they provide all the tables, cards, chips, play money, and dealers. All the tables are regulation size and the dealers can all explain the rules to players. They give each guest some play money to start the night and then they can just play whatever they want. Then what I did at the end of the night, everyone "cashed in" their money for tickets. Each ticket "cost" a certain amount of money. Then all the tickets went into a bowl and there was a random drawing. The person whose ticket number was called got to choose a prize. The tagline for the party I used was "Feeling Lucky?" I had frosted shotglasses printed with this phrase and the date and I added some chocolate poker chips to them and gave them away as favors. I also, went to a local paint your own pottery place and decorated a platter with playing card designs and painted the phrase on the center of that. The ceramics place provided me with a pen that all the guest could sign their name with on the platter. It made a nice keepsake for my husband that is also functional. Since the tables and dealers added so much of the atmosphere I didn't have to do much decorating. I found these spirals that have a different card suit attached to the end and hung them from the ceiling and I scattered bunches of casino themed balloons all around. I had a caterer friend of mine do all the food and sprinkled casino themed confetti on the food tables. My husband turned 30 in 2006 and people are still to this day telling me how amazing that party was and what a great time they had.
I got the shotglasses from:
the chocolate poker chips came from
and most of the decorations came from there as well and here:

If you would like more details or would like to see some pictures of how I set up please feel free to email me. Good luck!

rent a club for the night and pamper her for that day even buy her a car

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