Which theme party would you most want to throw (pick one)?!

Question: A black & white ball

A disco party

A hoedown

A hawaiian luau

Answers: A black & white ball

A disco party

A hoedown

A hawaiian luau

a black an white ball.....definately................

black & white ball


has to be disco ya

I've always loved the idea of a black and white ball, but I would probably end up doing a hawaiian luau because it's more casual, and easier.


I would pick the luau because of the food and the decorations for this type of theme party.

black and white ball.

a hoedown!

I think a Hoedown or Disco party would be fun...nice and casual too.

black and white ball!

A hawaiian luau

hoe down for sure! i love wearing my cowboy boots and hat;)

A hawaiian luau

A hoedown.Haven't had this theme yet.Am sure it is going to be fun wearing cowboy boots and a hat with country music as background.

black and white ball

A black and white...

I just went to a party that was 80's prom theme one of the best parties ever. Got so many pics!

Jai, since it is snowy here I would go with a disco party and have everyone dress in 70's and 80's disco fashion. Eating finger foods and drinking mixed drinks.

If it were warmer then the Hawaiian Luau for sure with everyone is floral print Hawaiian shirts and plastic leis around their necks and imitation grass skirts over their swimtrunks or shorts doing the hula and eating lots of different kinds or foods and tropical punches.

Enjoy yourself. The links should help immensely with the planning aspects.

Probably a hoe-down, never thrown one of those before. Plus the food would probably be easier to put together than for a luau, and I'm not sure what you would eat for a disco party....

A hoedown woohooo

A hoedown!

black and white or disco
what i did for my sweet sixteen was rock star...
i had big screens of guitar hero and rockband and some of my decorations included empty cans of the energy drink RockStar

None of these

If these are the only themes, then the hoe down.
But really I would go with a COSTUME/FANCY DRESS BALL , with a theme- either space or middleages/fantasy.

We actually used to have Western themed parties every Christmas, for between 400-750 people ... with a square dance caller and line dancing (I guess that's similar to a hoe-down) ..... It was SO much fun! Everyone could just wear jeans and be comfortable. I just made gigantic quantities of chili, cornbread, green salads and TONS of appetizers and desserts ......

Disco seems like fun.



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