What Is Your Alcohol Beverage Of Choice?!

Question: Today it's Smithwicks.

Answers: Today it's Smithwicks.

i perfer wine, cause it is good for you.


tequila or labat's blue

Captain Morgan and Coke

a good, blended scotch... like a johnny walker blue label, or chivas 21 years

Budweiser beer

Jack Daniel's used to be my favorite before but I like mixed drinks that are so harsh now. Even if they are "girly drinks".


Wine or long island iced teas.

nothing is as good as tequila for me. it's not like other drinks that just have a bitter and hard taste. tequila has flavor and zest. and once you combine it with the salt and lemon essentials, the bursting flavors from your tongue down to your throat is just the best part.
i also like jagermeister bombs. they're a mix of jager and a power or energy drink like red bull. even though you've had a lot, you'll still be awake from all the caffeine.so the feeling of getting drowsy from the alcohol and still have slips of getting alert, is a funny feeling.

I prefer a cold Coors Light in a bottle

whatever gives me a good time :]

Sangria (Wine & Fruit Juice)
Captain & Coke

**Mixed Drinks**

red wine

in would have to say mike's hard lemonade or a strawberry dacery.

vodka (Skyy)

That Grey Goose baby

Sam Adams if I have the money, Rolling Rock if I don't.

Well, it really depends on the time of day and what food I am having with it.

Now if it is to be breakfast with a simple cereal like cornflakes. my choice would be vodka mixed with a little milk and sugar to moisten the flakes. However, if it to be something a bit more substantial like Eggs Benedict, a couple ounces of brandy over the top is just the thing.

A couple of beers for a mid-morning snack is good.

For lunch, well....you can't beat 2 or 3 martinis. With olives of course.

For an afternoon pick me-up, I favor about 8 ounces of a good fortified port.

Now dinner....So many choices. I like to start off with 3-4 double gin and tonics. Just to get the taste buds up and active. Then depending on the dinner selection 4 bottles of either a crisp white or a smokey red.

Followed, of course, by 4-5 shots of an aged port.

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