What happened to my pizza?!

Question: hey i remembered i already ate the pizza


Answers: hey i remembered i already ate the pizza


I ate it and it was very good. Thank you

The dog ate it. Arf. Arf.

Oh, was that yours? Sorry.

well, first the dough was made by combining oil, flour, yeast, salt, pepper and water.

Then it was rolled out into a base, topped with cheese tomato sauce, and toppings,

Then it was put in a high temperature oven for ten or so minutes.

then it arrived at your place in a cardboard box,

then it was eaten.

That;s what happened to your pizza.

i ate it

It was abducted by aliens.

You burnt it?
dropped it on the floor
undercooked it
ate the whole thing and now feel sick
someone else at the whole thing
the dog did it
you forgot to Order it or Make it
.....you woke up from your dream??

who knows...maybe i ate it...

1. over cooked
2.no flour
3. dropped at the floor
4. spoiled
5.a friend ate it
6. tastes no good
7. too much ingredients
8.hate the flavor
9. it is mayde of candy
10. ruined

it crossed the road with the chicken pizza delivery boy

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