Lets all share supermarket special offers..... to save each other money .....??!

Question: Marks and Sparks are selling their swiss rolls 3 for £3..... what is your latest special offer!!!


Answers: Marks and Sparks are selling their swiss rolls 3 for £3..... what is your latest special offer!!!


Both on Special: Honeydew melons and walnuts. Buy one get the second free. ;)

Asda selling Batchelors Super Noodles
5 for £2 bargain eh! lol

Tesco chicken
2 for a fiver

12 pack of bounty paper towels for £5.29 at Netto
what a smashing Idea Coco ava star

Morrisons 3 boxes of jaffa cakes for....oh sorry, forgot. But really cheap! : )

bags of minstrels and malteasers 2 for £2 at Tesco's, and they have a "collect eight tear offs and get 2 cinema tickets" offer, so £8 later you'll have free cinema tickets.

Perfect for a cheapskate like you.

Morrisons 3 tropicana orange juice for £3 pounds

Sainsbury is selling 2 bottles of High Juice for £2 and that includes the Healthy Option ones (or what ever it's called). Lovely mixed with sparkling water.

In Morrissons they have 2 bottles of schweppes lemonade 1 for 95p or 2 for £1 bargain!!

Morrisons 18 cans of carlsberg & 20 bottles of kronenburg for £16!!! Or a tenner each ( mix and match the two is available)

Tesco Oyster Bay Sauv Blanc Half price at £4.99
and Nobilo Sauv Blanc £5.19
and clubcard points too

every little helps

M& S muffins -bluberry or orange half price @69p.

3 french mustard in bottles at Aldi.

that is a good idea i do it with my parents who are pensioners so they find it a help but sometimes i dnt take the money off them so im not saving

entertainment??...good show!!


Our local street girls are offering buy one, get one free, for a full service.

Oh, and if anyone is going near Woolworths, they have a BOGOF on 'life' as well...........

.I'll buy the spare life off you, because I think mine is on the decline. ;o)

Chicken 2 for Fiver
Tesco also maltesers and minstrels

Yahoo are having a special too.

Ask 1 question....get 2 answers free. ;o)

In the Tesco's by me they are doing four tins of spaghetti hoops for 10p :-) x


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