I need good slumber party themes for a pre-teen any ideas?!

Question: im having a slumber party and im turning 11 and i need ideas for themes! p.s no hawian or tropical i did that last year!

Answers: im having a slumber party and im turning 11 and i need ideas for themes! p.s no hawian or tropical i did that last year!

Maybe Survivor. You could set up a theme like Survivor and make people eat "Ants" (Black and red jellybeans) and get black face paint and do the thing where you put a black line under each eye. You could have a swimming race, decorate the sides of your pool like a place like the jungle or wherever Survivor takes place. For goodybags you could have a white shirt and print a picture of all the people at your party, then on the back print the words "I survived" and on the cake you can decorate with torches and scary Survivor-y stuff and write "____ Survived 11 years!" or something. Get blow up torches and stuff and you can use some of your tropical stuff. And sleep outside in tents. Maybe not even tents, maybe just sleep under the stars. Or as a game, you have to set up a shelter that you have to sleep in. That would make a really good party. Happy Birthday!!

How about a camping theme? Set up a tent in the backyard, and you arent allowed to go inside - pretend you are away from home.

(you can go inside to use the loo, though!)

What about a Hannah Montana theme or Jonas Brothers? have the girls dress in their favorite tween "rock star" put on a show.
I'm sure you and your friends would rather do more "grown-up" things, but stay as young as you can as long as you can! have a great party.

4 my 12 bday party i did a spa party it was awesome!
pretty simple to do. get makeup and stuff. set it out on
a table. get partners and do each-others nails, hair, ect.

. Rock and Roll

. Hollywood Glamour thingy

. Medieval

. Costume (anything under the sun)

:D :D : D

(we recently had a costume party and had a competition on whose was the most creative, it was a LOT of fun. But you can never go wrong with playing dress-up in Rock and Roll.)

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

glamour shots
hair, makeup, nails, boa's, hats, jewelry and of course a Camera. then u can photo crop them and make magazine covers for each guest as a thank u and party favors .everyone loved it. the dollar store is a great place to get everything u need. in list the help of older girls /teens to be ur hair and makeup artist they love it to.. have fun

How about a High School Musical sleepover, or a scarry movie themed sleep over. If it's for a girl you can try a mini spa sleepover, do manicures an pedicures, along with mini facial mask.

When my daughter was a pre-teen we did an indoor camp theme. Everyone had a lot of fun. We had obstacle course race with them in their sleeping bags. We had charades - I put several animals in a hat and the person acting out had to make the sound of the animal. We stamped ants on napkins and served them hot dogs and chips on a blanket on the foor. We hung sheets up to make a big indoor tent for them to sleep under. I bought an indoor smore's maker and we roasted marshmallows indoors. When everyone got there we handed out colored dot stickers and they were to but a "bug bite" on the other person over the course of the night without the other person noticing. At the end whom ever had the least was the winner (small door prize for each game) Everyone had a great time.

omg i have to do the samething but with my daughter shes turning 11 and i was thinking you can do a
-Dance party and go swimming
-Camp out act like your survivors
-Spa treatmet
-Go to difrent store like about 7p.m. and do a scavanger hunt
-Scary theme
P.S. Dont let your mom to convince you into doing a little kid thing total disaster!

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