Im having my 12th birthday party soon I need a theme. Help?!

Question: Ok.
I am turning 12 on May 17th and I need a theme. No kiddish.


and is 18 people too much?

Answers: Ok.
I am turning 12 on May 17th and I need a theme. No kiddish.


and is 18 people too much?

well, how about a 60s theme or like grease the movie. you can ask the boys to grease up their hair and the guests dress old fashioned. i would lower the amount of people to 12-14. have a fun party!!

no and hmmmm how about a slumber party get some scary and some funny movies to watch have some great games planned out and have lots of food ready!

Senate Committee on Appropriations would be a very grown up theme

If you want to avoid "kiddish" don't have a 'theme'. It's really tacky no matter what the age. You could be 40 and have a luau party and it'd still be sort of weird. Besides, unless your guests are really good sports they won't appreciate the effort going into the theme in the first place.

18 sounds like a lot to me, but i don't like larger gatherings, i guess the only person whose opinion matters about that is your parents who will be paying to feed/entertain 18 people.

I'd say that all depends upon you, but if all you want is some ideas, then, go with a Japanese theme. Very simplistic and graceful. And of course I'm sure that you'll come to your own decision at any rate, anyway.


Cats are a great theme. And you must be at least 13 to use this because of the content on it.

omg it would be so much fun to have a freddie mercury party, but that would only work if you guys are good friends and not shy. what about a batman theme but like dress up crazy good as all the characters. neon colours party? or maybe just a villians costume party.

I think that for 12 you should only invite your really good friends, so when your 13 and turn a teenager, you have a really big party.

As for themes... if its all girls then you can do like a slumber party and just have games and nails, hair... stuff like that

If your inviting guys too then you could do something more sporty or have like a movie night type thing.

when i was 12 i always liked celebrity themes.
have some kind of dance/disco and get people to come dressed as their favorite celebrities.

if your only inviting girls have a fashion show.
get judges (siblings maybe) and get people to bring makeup, and their favorite dresses ((or clothes) and shoes.
have a photographer (maybe abother family member) and they can take pictures. have fun :)


a simple movie night.
have a couple close friends come over for the night.
and have a complete scary movie marathon

Oh my god....

I remember my 12th party.

Ok, I had a sleepover with my friends. But I think 18 people sleeping over might not be good.......

Party 1-No Sleep Sleepover
The Theme: A light blue and light pink
How Many: The Day/Night: 18 Actually sleep: 2-6 (depends)
Rent music and cool!!!

Party 2-Meeting at the Movies
The Theme: See a movie, then go to your house for a red/black party or dramatic colors.
How Many: 18
See your favorite movie, after or before go out to eat! (maybe

Good Luck!!!!!

Do a Masquerade party, dress in gowns and were masks. They will usually have masks that are full of feathers and medieval dresses. You would be able to find the costumes at a Party Stuff Store. I hope you have fun.

18 people is not that much. But I think you should cancel some of them because probably your parents won't like people yelling and screaming. Also, I think you should calm down and make the theme what your friends like that are coming. For example if one of your friends would like to watch a soccer game then after everything you wanna do then you could do that.It is your birthday you choose want you want. And don't think to much about it.

underwater, slumber party, beach, luau,aqua and light green, pool party, movie party,haunted house party, detective party, mystery party, spa party, puppy party, slumber party(but pull an all nighter!), 1920 party <dress up in old 1920 outfits>, board game party, pink party. just off the top of my head!

Yeh 18 is too much themes disco costume (catwomen or something)hawian or places then u dont need a theme like bowling alley or pool or beach dont do a theme then.

i think a costume party would be wicked. have everyone dress up all crazy and have candy all over the place. then after you kick the boys out, the girls indulge in a scary movie and candy frenzy. complete with a pj contest.
18 is a great number of guests, but you owe your folks some major chores without gripping. =)
Happy Birthday !!

Slumber Partys are always good...

You could try having a colour as a theme.

Pink is good because then eveyone could wear pink pyjamas and you can make pink cakes and use pink decorations.

It would be fun...

And I think 18 people are a few too many...

a sleepover

How about Shrek and fairy characters as a theme?

Girls can be princesses, queens

Boys can be anything from Princes to frogs

I turned 12 last year in July (long time ago haha) and i just went to lazer tag and i had like 20 people. =]

Then I had about 5 of my good friends that were girls sleep over.
So if it's gonna be girl/boy you should do something uuuh neutral not just just painting your nails and stuff xD

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