Partie ideas?!

Question: im tunning 13 im a gurl its a boy gurl party no pool partys plz help

Answers: im tunning 13 im a gurl its a boy gurl party no pool partys plz help

have like a big huge house party thing
like decorate the whole place in your favorite color
and have like ppl who can guard you door and have real invataion invites for them 2 check so no snotty grls or boys can get in

u can rent out a dance place (theres 1 in westlake) and they r rly fun and theres a dj there and u can send him an email of all the songs u want and hell play them there....

have it out side but always remember to have a back up plan in case it rains and have music and some other things like decorations and party things and get people talking hoped this help

For your party you can go to the movies, go to a gaming place since it is co-ed. For my 13th which was long ago i went to a gaming place then to the movies. The girls came back to my house for a sleep-over party.

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