Please help x?!

Question: Please help x!?
Right, i dont know how to start this, but its my birthday soon and i really dont know what to get!! I have most things i want (not a horse) and i really dont want money what could i get!?!? Oh and whilst im here i might aswell ask whats a good b-day party idea xx thanks xxWww@FoodAQ@Com

Here are some ideas:
- Movie(s)
-DVD player (or a portable one)
-New clothes, shoes, etc
-Computer, TV
-Items for your room like blankets, pillows, or just that you want your room done!.
-Scrapbooking items, beads, art pencils!.!.!.stuff that helps you with your hobbies
-Passes to places, like an amusement park

Rent out a rerun theatre and take your friends out to in their PJ's to watch your favourite movie(s) along with chips, popcorn, and lots of soda!. Make sure not to get too messy!. Then you and your friends could head back to your house and have a sleepover!. Play games like Jenga with a twist, like on every block there is a question you have to answer such as "First kiss!?" or "Tell me a secret!?"!. Things like that!.

Then everyone could bring magazines, makeup, and such!. Just remember to keep it cleam by using makeup brushes and not your fingers!.

But if your not really into that you and your friends to go to laser tag (in doors) and play!. Then you could go back to your place and just hang around talking, because I'm pretty sure you and your friends can easily make anything into fun!.
Other ideas: Bowling, mini golf, go cart, camping, boating, going to a carnival/amusement park!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Get a pizza!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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