What are some FUN and COOL ideas for a stag party?!

Question: What are some FUN and COOL ideas for a stag party!?
Yes, there will be strippers!. :[
I believe there will be playing cards for poker!.
Um, there will be raffles!.
My questions are what are good raffle prizes!?
How much should they charge a ticket!?
How long should the party last!?
Is it easier to include the drinks in the ticket price!?
Most importantly, what are some other activities for these guys to do when they arent eating or watching the dancer!?
I'm looking for some fun ideas, I'm helping my boyfriend plan this stag because he's a procratinator!. Please be tastful!. Thanks!Www@FoodAQ@Com

prizes- lottery tickets, liquor or beer, naked women cards, porn movies, funny tshirts, movies, CDs, gift cards- find fun stuff!
I've never heard of charging tickets!? just divide the amount of the stripper and bus or limo between everyone and thats how much you should charge them- all of the groomsmen should be responsible for buying the food and drinks for the party at their own expense- just buy it all and divide the cost among them, guests should not have to pay for that!. maybe have some video games available also, or darts for them to do- guys will just talk and do whatever-you really don't need much else, maybe have a bunch of porn magazines around for them to look through (guys are all pigs at heart!)
party should start maybe around 9ish and go till whenever they want to go home, maybe earlier depending on poker first or stripper first!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

prizes should be funny not like wow i need to cherish this for the rest of my life because guys arent like that!.!.!. so get some cool tshirts that say stuff or funny things lake man thongs that people can laugh at!. in general i dont think you should charge for a ticket!. get a couple of the grooms close friends to all split the cost but it would be weird to ask his father in law to be for 20$ to watch a stripper!.!.!.!. dont cha think!?!?!? umm for booze just buy some general booze and if people want something else tell them to bring it or just tell them to bring their own!. i think that the party should last until the groom is done its his party and when he is out there is really no reason to party anymore!.guys generally entertain themselves pretty well i dont think you will need a set schedual of events and activities!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Never been to a stag but me and my budds have a white elephant every year!. i bring tequila a couple sixers as gifts!. They love itWww@FoodAQ@Com

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