I need ideas for decorations and games for a Pimp and Ho theme party for adults?!

Question: I need ideas for decorations and games for a Pimp and Ho theme party for adults!?
play the "money" game!. buy some fake money at a dollar or toy store and hand out a set amount to each guest when they arrive!. throughout the course of the night, people can "earn" more money by doing certain things!. the person who has the most "money" at the end of the night wins a prize

do a charades game by guessing dance moves (the moonwalk, worm,etc)!.


make "condom" balloons w/different colored condoms

pregnancy tests hanging from ceiling

bowls w/tiny bags of powdered sugar/flour (to represent coke,meth,etc)!.

hang up plenty of glow in the dark items (glow sticks, rings,garland,etc) and use black lights for lighting!.

you could also have pimp necklaces to hand out as guests arrive!. and have everyone make up a nametag w/their ho or pimp name on it!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Musical Sex Partners!?
Spin the Bottle and run from the Pimp!?
My Caddy's Fly-er than Yours!?
Pin the Used Drug Needle on the Ho's Arm!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I like the money game idea from the previous poster!. Condoms, mini tubes of lubricant, hand cuffs, etc for decor!.!.!.good luck and have fun! Make name tags with pimp and ho names and give one to each guest as they come in the door

Ho Names:

Cherry Surprise
FiFi Feel Good
Lil Sexy

Pimp Names:

Busta Brown

Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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