What would be a good party Idea?!

Question: What would be a good party Idea!?
My friend is having her birthday on Friday and we are trying to plan the party!. We are having trouble of thinking how we should celebrate!. We were thinking just a small party!. Four to seven people and we are trying to think of Italian food for it!. Not something typical but not something it is going to take 12 hours to cook either!. We are all adults so anything really goes except explict stuff!. We all have kids also!. She is going to be 27 if it helps!. Thanks!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

a big anti pasta platter, and a bottle of lemonchello for desertWww@FoodAQ@Com

This is what I am doing for my party!. Get Ready for it!.!.!.
1!. Have a chocolate whipped cream fight or make chocolate whipped cream pies and have a fight with those!.
2!. (Exception to theme) Have a jelly bean or soda tasting contest!. Whoever guesses the most flavors right wins a prize!.
3!. Have a recipe contest!. Guests make up recipes using chocolate and whichever sounds better to the judges (Parents or Sibilings or Host) wins a prize!.
4!. Have chocolate fondue!
5!. Watch either the movie "Chocolat" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (The new or old)!.
6!. Chocolate art competition! Have white (you could put food coloring in the white), milk, and dark chocolate melted and cheap paint brushes and see who can make the best art with th chocolate!. Maybe in teams of 2!. Paper might not work for that so you might have to provide the guests with a peice of wood or cardboard!.
7!. Ice Cream Sundae Contest!.
1!. Chocolate soap:
2!. Chocolate Bubble Bath:
3!. Chocolate Band-aids:
4!. Chocolate!
5!. Chocolate scented candle
Gift bags:
Things in the Prizes Section or!.!.!.
1!.Chocolate Bars
2!. Hersheys Kisses
3!. Pens or Notepads with guest's names on them
Dinner- This is a hard one!. Maybe a chocolate pizza!?
(Maybe Remove Hazlenuts and have raspberries or strawberries instead)
Side Dish- Fruit salad
Dessert- Chocolate Fondue, use angel food cake, strawberries, raspberries, gramm crackers, marshomellows and any other tasty treat you find!.

Hope I helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Italian food is great and you can feed alot of people!. If ur looking for something other than spagetti, try stuffed shells, or lasagna, with garlic bread!. A couple of cheese and pepperoni/crackers tray will go great!. Throw up some balloons and confetti with a punch bowl and music and you have a party! Party favors are a nice touch, and with a small party you can keep it simple!. Dont forget salad!! Best of luck with whatever you choose!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Get a theme going!. The Italian thing might work if you had a deck a veranda and a patio but if you live in that apartment complex at the end of the block let's try to keep it simple!. How about an outdoor theme like Hawaiian!? You could all wear swim suits and hula skirts, and get the guys to dress up in biker shorts and tank tops!. They sell torch lights at the Dollar Store, and with some lamp oil you could have a very creative theme party!. Oh, and Aloha works either way, that is it is hello and goodbye!. So I'll just say Aloha and wish you the best of luck on her party!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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