How to host a murder dinner????!

Question: How to host a murder dinner!?!?!?!?
I want to host a "murder dinner party" for my friends! But I dont really want to buy a kit!. Is a kit really necessary!? I do have a good imagination and could plan my own theme and plot!.

Has anyone got a point by point suggestion of basically how the party is run!?

I dont want to spend a lot, but more create a fun night where friends can dress up!.

Your help appreciated!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I would suggest just buying a kit, because you will probably find that it is tons of work and headache to plan yourself!. These kits often have the story, clues, cues for people to read and invitations included!. Often you will have to choose people to play parts and read scripts throughout the dinner!. And this is a lot of planning for one person to do alone!. It is already plenty of work to decorate and cook the meal which should be in several courses for each act of the mystery!.



I think that it is really great that you want to have a murder mystery party!. I had one myself and it was tons of fun!. But my suggestion is to buy one on ebay or from a store!. If you were to make it youself you wouldnt want ot participate because you already know who the murderer is so it would be pointless!. no offence to you!. Im sure that you could make a great game, but it wouldnt be a mystery if you knew how it went!.


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