Help 10 points for best answer!?!

Question: Help 10 points for best answer!!?
Im having a sweet 16 party in late Nov or early Dec!. Im thinking about having a Snow Princess as my theme!. Now Can i pick the color i want the people to wear!? I was think bout Light Blue And white!. I would wear the white dress and have the girls wear light blue dress and the guys where black with a light blue tie!. or should i do pink!?!? Is that good so for for the theme!? and the colors!?!?

Im thinking about having a DJ also!. Is that good!?
What kind of games should we play!?
what kind of food should we have!?
Please give me ideas to make this sweet 16 the best!

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I love the blue idea since it will be winter!. I don't think it's wrong to ask them to wear a certain color, although some girls might not be able to afford a new dress if they don't have a blue dress!. Talk to your friends beforehand to make sure they can come up with a blue dress!.

I say save money! Get your parents to play some CDs and leave it at that!. We did that for my friend's Graduation party!. No need for a DJ unless you know someone who is willing to do it as a favor!.

As for games, I say things such as The Hookey Pokey, The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide, The Slide (I totally forgot the name!.!.!. but I think you know what I mean "Sliiiiiide to left, sliiiide to right, now everbody clap your hands!"), and other dances are great no matter how old you are!. Kick it old school and do Kareoke and Musical Chairs if you're up to it!. also, look into some party board games such as Apples to Apples, Boulderdash, and Man Laws Woman Rules!. All these are conversation starters!. They are HUGE hits at my parties!. Just ask your friends what party board games they have!.!.!. or look for some on sale!. I got "Man Laws Woman Rules" on sale for like 10 bucks, and it's ALWAYS a huge hit!.

Keep food simple!. Lil Smokies with dipping sauces!. Pizza Rolls!. Sweet and Sour Meat Balls!. Deli Pinwheels!. Veggie Trays!. Fruit Trays!. A punch fountain!. Don't forget winter desserts such as hot cocoa, Christmas Cookies, Ginger Bread, etc etc!.

Unless you want to go all out and get people to "cater" like a Wedding!. You could always have your parents serve it!. Then pick something elegant like a nice Chicken dish or something!.

Good luck and have fun! Don't worry so much about the party as you do your friends!. For my Sweet 16 we had a sudden death only a month before, so I just had a pool party, made a huge slip n slide out of a tarp, soap, and hose!.!.!. and it lasted all day and all night! Served up some pizza and various party food!. Simple, but so much fun! No planning involved!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

your idea sounds good, the white and light blue colors are great, you will want to have lots of non-messy finger foods, small sandwiches, or meat platter, assorted chips, and dips, veggie and cheese platters, you can even make a non alcholic blue drink! and your cake will be white with blue! you can down load lots of your favorite music, or have a d!.j!.
a dance contest; single and couple, a kareoke contest, lip sinc, and or your favorite wii game, the winner plays the next person in line!. But, most of all have a wonderful birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ok I'll help you out!.
1!.Of course those are good themes and colors!I mean go with what you want!
2!.Plus, DJs are ausome,but you dont need them!.
You could get one or save the money for somthing else that is cool!
3!.Ok for teenagers you will want some cool games!.So since you ARE turning 16,just pick some games you like because your friends will like them if they are your age!.
4!.Well of couse!You want something you love to eat!Or you could get something that matches your theme!
5!.Go with what your heart desires!

I Hope this helps B-Day Girl!Www@FoodAQ@Com

i think you should go with the blue theme!. that will be nice with the whole Snow princess thing!.
yea you should get a DJ!. those are always the best parties haha!.
umm i dont know of games!. sorry!
just have simple food that doesnt take a lot of time to eat so you can dance and stuff!.
i hope you have a great sweet 16! :]Www@FoodAQ@Com

Color schemes sound wondeful darling!. Keep it!
DJ is okay, could save money by burning a bunch of CD's with songs YOU KNOW your group will like!.
Games!.!.!.not sure!. Usually at Sweet 16!.!.!.there is music, (no offense!.!.!.a bit of drama) and lots of dancing!.
As for food!.nothing that could be dropped on and ruining some of those nice clothes!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

having a dj might be good ,colours umm!. well if u like i say that u can tell people what u want them to wear but u could ask if they like that or not if not ask what they like to wear then!.video games or just dance!.:) remember is ur choice too!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

that sounds great!. i think you should wear white and everyone else light blue etc because it's your special day and all the focus should be on you!. you will stand out!. have a great birthday!
dj is good and dares as a gameWww@FoodAQ@Com

light blue is good! guys blue tie is also good! i really like the theme so far having a dj is always good u could have a dance contest, karaoke, other games u could have pizza or somethingWww@FoodAQ@Com

you know that is at least like 6 months from now!.!.!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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