I need help with my sweet sixteen!?!

Question: I need help with my sweet sixteen!!?
Ill be 16 in the Summer and im having my sweet 16 at a beautiful catering hall!. The theme is Fifth Avenue and each table is going to be a different store!. Please keep in mind that both family and friends will be attending I already know what i want ideas for the centerpieces (each will be different and willl coordinate with a store) but i need help with other decorations and how to incorporate the theme more!. also the catering hall lets u only pick 2 napkin colors and i have to have a white tableclothWww@FoodAQ@Com

If you can only pick 2 napkin colors, pick 2 colors that would go with all the stores!. I wouldn't do the taxi theme, although I DO love it, it won't match the stores once it's on the table!. You can go with black and then another color, one that goes with the stores!. Even if you do black and white, those stores would coordinate more with the stores then a taxi would!. If you change your theme to a NYC theme, I would definitely go with the black and yellow, that would be too cute!

For other decorations, I would get some clear, stringed Christmas lights and hang them throughout the hall, that would make the place lit up like you're in the city at night!. If the hall with let you do that!. If not, see if can make some kind of lights to look like mock street lights!. Get some laterns, and see if you can bring something into the hall that would hold them up to look like street lights, OR get some black laterns, battery operated and see if there are places you can hang them throughout the hall so it's like the street lights hanging over 5th Avenue!. You can do that with the stringed lights if the hall will allow it!.

I would also look into getting some black and white posters of 5th Avenue and getting the largest ones you can fine!. Go to Art!.com or any other poster or art store, they don't have to be framed, just something you can hang and have pictures of NY hung around the hall!.

For colors, it really depends on what stores you're using!. I would decorate each table and area by the store you're decorating that table with!. I wouldn't do the normal balloon and streamers since that wouldn't match the stores, unless you have the colors of balloons at each table to match that store!.

I'm not sure if you're doing your party sit down dinner or buffet style, but if you are doing it buffet style, for the food table, decorate that table as a restuarant from 5th Avenue!. Pick a restuarant and make the food table that restuarant!. Being every other table is a store, the food should be an eatery, and you can decorate the table like it is one from there!.

I'm not sure what the hall will and won't let you do, but if can somehow make the dance floor look like 5th Avenue, like it's the street!. I'm not sure how you can do that, or what the hall will let you do, if there's something you can put down, or even the surrounding area of the dance floor, making that look like the sidewalk of 5th Avenue, that would be easier, you can get foamboard and spray paint it grey and find a way to secure it down so people don't trip!. You can have it down like paver stones and it be the sidewalk where NYer's walk around 5th Avenue!.

I hope some of these ideas help and that you have a Happy Birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

The taxi colors for napkins is a great idea! I think you should get some NYC pix!. They sell a lot of them in manhatten!. That would look nice!. also Maybe use decorations like street signs (fake ones of course) that say "5th Ave" and stuff like that!. also if you want a NYC themed (not just 5th ave) then u could get maps of NYC and lamenate (lamb-in-ate!. not sure how to spell it!) them and use them as place mats that would be cute!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Cool idea!.
Have yellow and black napkins like taxi cabs!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Nice I would do black and pink napkins! kinda like an Audrey Hepburn type thing!Www@FoodAQ@Com


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