Im having a Fifth Avenue themed Sweet Sixteen...any ideas?!

Question: Im having a Fifth Avenue themed Sweet Sixteen!.!.!.any ideas!?
Ill be 16 in the Summer and im having my sweet 16 at a beautiful catering hall!. The theme is Fifth Avenue and each table is going to be a different store!. Please keep in mind that both family and friends will be attendingWww@FoodAQ@Com

Cool theme!

You can get some of the blank wooden birdhouses at craft stores and paint them to look like each store! Like for a table that is supposed to be Tiffany&Co, do a tablecloth in the Tiffany Blue, have white napkins and plates, etc, and then get some of those fake diamond rings and make them napkin rings, and then paint the birdhouse to look like Tiffany's and make it the centerpiece! You can even have someone drill a little hole in the top and put some flowers in there!

Then you go onto the next store!. Like if it's Sephora, do the tablecloth in Black, have Red or white plates and napkins, and do the birdhouse like a Sephora store, in the black and white, and red of the store!

You can even have balloons in the color to match instead of flowers being you can't put flowers in them!.

Just think how cute your yard will look too having these birdhouses after the party! You can also raffle them off if you don't want to keep them!.

You can also try and draw them out on foamboard and them cut them out at the top, while keeping them attatched, at have that at the food table!.

To decorate the rest of the hall, hang some stringed clear Christmas lights from the ceiling all around the hall and it will look like the city lit up!. See if you can put up some posters of Fifth Avenue around the hall and with the lights it will look like the city!.

I hope some of these ideas help!. I LOVE your theme and I hope you have a great party!. Happy Sweet 16!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

maybe you could do something like with the table cloths or the centerpiece could be a counterfeit or real handbag from a bunch of different designers like a chanel purse, louis voitton, coach, prada, gucci, dior, chloe, marc jacobs, kate spade, dooney and burke, etc!. or maybe hang like poster sized pictures of models like all around each table and the models are wearing the different designers!. also you could do a raffle and have like one winner from each table and they win somethning from the store their table represents!. that may get a bit expensive though!. ive seen some cakes before that are modeled to look like prada shoes and louis voitton purses, you could get one of those!. definitely get strobe lights, maybe have a fashion show!? if youre having people help out they should dress in all black!. i think you should definitely have huge pictures of models hanging up everywhere that would be really cool!. idk if i like the idea of doing each table a different store because it wont really look unified itll be really busy so you should choose like three of your favorite stores and say you have like 18 tables!.!.!.you could have 6 louis voitton, 6 chanel, and like 6 coach!. then you could definitely have a raffle!. i hope ive helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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