End of the school year party?!

Question: End of the school year party!?
its a beach party!.
well all the ppl comming are around 15 yrs old there will be about 30 ppl!. should i go all girls or boy girl!?
i am known for over the top parties soo i need tons of awesome ideas for food, activites, websites to great decorations, etc!. i need some diffrent ideas not the usual cuz i most likley already done that more that twice!.
i was thinking of rentals like maybe snow cone rentals or and something fun, maybe a dj!. but im not sure that i can spend that much money!.
its going to be my 15th birthday party too!.
oh btw this is a lake and its private, in my backyard soo we dont have to worry about basicly anything!.
i dont have a certian budget set but it can not be realy expensive!.
also any recipies for food, i was thinking like a buffet type thing of tropical/ beach foods!.

were gunna have this tiki hut thing and we were gunna serve like non-acoholic pinacoldas and strawberry daiquiris!. and at the end were having a bonfire and my dads going to do a mini firework show!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Have you thought of an old fashioned 'Bon Voyage' Party!? It is more nautical then luau!. Preppy skirts and flip flops for girls, guys in khaki and flops!. Seashells instead of hibiscus!.

Ok, or you can have a USO/South Pacific party!.!.!.Guys dressed in old sailor outfits girls in 40's dress!. It is the same idea of 'Goodbye to Another Year' kind of theme!. Think that old Sailor Kiss Picture in Times Square!.(Stargazer Lillies instead of hibiscus)

If you want to do a fireworks show!.!.!.definately both!.

Without the fireworks, you can have a spa day by the pool!.!.!.manicures and pedicures!.(Huge flowers and candles)

You can also have a southern summer party- It is part tropical and part southern!. You have something called a Lowcountry Boil(google it) with checkered tableclothes!.(magnolias)

Or An Asian Islands Party with White Paper Lanterns from trees and instead of normal leis you get bamboo leave ones(orientaltrading!.com) (orchids and bamboo)!. You can add this to the spa idea for the girls!.

If you like any of these, let me know I have recipes for each!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

have everyone bring some sort of keepsake or memento from the school year, and do a time capsule!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

definitely do boys and girls
-- have water float things like this one: http://www!.lotsofinflatables!.com/members!.!.!.
-- have a volleyball net set up
-- have a slip and slide (idk if you would be able to fit it in your backyard since your backyard is the lake but just an idea)
-- have water guns and you can have a water fight with water balloons and guns etc
--definitely have the snow cone rental thing that would be cool! and you can maybe have cotton candy too!?
--the bar/tiki hut idea is cool too--> maybe you can have all the drinks over there and then have another tiki hut with all the food and then another with all the appetizers

Have it a buffet style with a variety of foods:
-hot dogs (with all the toppings)
-french fries
-chips and dip
-finger food like mini sandwiches, bread and spinach dip, egg rolls, etc
-have some hawaiian food like chicken and pork kabobs, rice, pineapple, fish like salmon, anything thats teriyaki flavored like steak!.
-pizza or some pasta dishes like spaghetti or fetuchini alfredo
-maybe have some sushi

Hope this helped!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Do boys and girls!.

If it's gonna be at a beach, you won't need much decoration!. For food, you can have things like pinapple hamburgers, and look online for some delicious tropical desserts!.

Set up a volleyball net, maybe a bonfire when it gets dark!. And also, it would be a good idea to get a dj, since you won't be spending too much money on decorations!.

Set up a dance floor out of tiles!.

A beach party pretty much entertains itself, so you won't need to over-plan, and just let the guests do whatever they feel like doing!.

Maybe get a tiki mocktail bar with Mojitos and Pi?a Coladas and such!.

Good Luck and Have Fun!! :DWww@FoodAQ@Com

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