Camp out birthday party ideas?!

Question: Camp out birthday party ideas!?
For my 14 bday party im having a sleepover!. Im going to put up a tent in my backyard and thats where we are going to sleep durring the night!. guest will arive at 4pm on saturday and will be leaving 11:30am on sunday!. I have invited about 10 girls(including myself) but only 5 are sleeping over!. the other girls are going to stay over till late just not sleep over!.

What are some games we can do!?!?

i have a Wii snd we are going to play on it for a bit!.!.!.and also i have a outdoor fire place so we are going to have marshmellows!!

What a fun idea!! I think it would be fun to toast s'mores and sing campfire songs!.

Here are three games you can play (two are special to be played in the dark with flashlights!):

#1 The Challenge Game:
You’ll need: Slips of paper and a Timer

Before the party write down “stunts” on pieces of paper, along with a time limit of how long they have to complete the action!. You will want to create several stunts per guest!. Fold them up and put into a bowl!. Some suggested stunts: say the alphabet backwards, stand on your head or do thirty jumping-jacks

To Play, have a guest draw a stunt from the bowl!. They must complete the stunt within the time limit given to earn a point (otherwise, no point!)!. Go to the next person, and continue until all guests have had a chance to play!. You can do this game as long as the supply of written down stunts holds out, or you can end it after a certain number of rounds!. The Winner is the party guest with the most points wins!

#2 Flashlight Hunt Party Game
Divide guests into teams and equip them with at least one flashlight!. Then prepare a treasure hunt with clues to be done in the dark!. Or, give each person a flashlight and hide things for them to find!. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt in the dark!. As a matter of fact, you can even use Easter eggs, filled with fun treats, candy, etc!. for the guests to find in the dark!. Put a few really great prizes in some – like a gift card or something, and you’ll have guests really going after it! Tell the guests to only find a certain number of eggs (or whatever they are searching for) so that one person doesn’t end up with a lot, and others end up with none!

#3 Flashlight Firefly –Another game to play after dark if you have wide open spaces!. You’ll a flashlight!. Choose someone to be the Firefly and give her a flashlight!. Have everyone hide their eyes while the she counts to 10!. During this time the Firefly goes out into the dark yard!. At the count of 10, the Firefly must flash the flashlight on and off!. The Firefly can run around, hide, anything to avoid getting caught! Every few seconds the Firefly flashes the flashlight!. Whoever catches the Firefly will be it next!

Of course, truth or dare is always perfect for a sleepover!.

Good luck! What a fun idea!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well, of course marshmallows and plenty of food!. also, have lots of board games and your Wii to be entertained !. make sure your guest are never bored!!! have lots and lots of fluffy pillows and blankets!. Have fun!!!!!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

well first you need to invite me so its a great party and you could play ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ill think for a bit hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well would you rather, 20 questions, truth or dare, and many other gamesWww@FoodAQ@Com

Telling ghost stories is soo much fun let one start then the other has to take over if you don't get scared it's not much fun!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

yay party games! i love bob for the apple but instead of water and apples use jelly and candy its much more fun!. i take it you know how to play it!? if no you fill a bucket with jelly and put candy in it then one by one your friends get to fish out as much candy as they can with their mouths (only their mouths) in one minute!. they put the candy on a plate and count it and at the end the person who got the most candy wins!.
another game i love i chubby bunnies coz it makes everyone look like morons lol
you need a lot of marshmallows (the big ones)!. then the person whos going first puts one marshmallow into their mouth and says one chubby bunny!. then they put another one in and say two chubby bunnies!. etc!. they cant swallow any they just have to keep them in their mouth!. the person who gets the most marshmallows in their mouth and can still say the words mostly coherently wins!.
theres also good old truth and dare lol
drop the can is fun but only really with guys!. ill tell you anyway!. one person holds a can and then another person runs their hund up the inside of their leg and when they get uncomfortable they drop the can and the peron who goes the longest wins!. another one like that (i dont know the name for it though) but its fun! you sit ina circle and spin something!. i spin a jandal lol!. the person who spun and the person it lands on then lean in for a kiss and the first person to flinch back gains a point!. the person with the least points at the ends wins!.
and if all else fails try karaoke, chick flick and crazy dancing =)
oh and while i think about it theres the chocolate game!. most people know this one!. you sit in a circle and roll the dice!. if it lands on a six you start putting on a weird set of clothing and once you've got it one you cut up a chocolate block and try to get as many pieces as you can!. while this is happening the rest of the circle is still rolling for a six and if someone gets on you have to give the cloths and chocolate to them and they get a go!. most chocolate wins lol and you eat it
murder in the dark is also fun (last one i promise lol)!.
you write murderer on one piece of paper, detective on another and innocent on the rest and everyone pick one!. the detective goes out and them you all do completely random things (eat a carrot, be a guy and a girl stripping, go to the toilet, be having a nightmare) anything until the murderer kills someone (they can commit suicide if they want) the killed person screams and dies and the detective comes in!. everyone has to freeze doing what they were doing!. the detective asks them all what they were doing and has to try and work out who the murderer was!. if you are all on sugar highs this gets quite fun!.
i have more so if you need any feel free to email
have fun! happy birthday!

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