I am planning on having a phantom of the opera theme for my parents wedding anniversary. any food ideas.?!

Question: I am planning on having a phantom of the opera theme for my parents wedding anniversary!. any food ideas!.!?
I am planning on having a phantom of the opera theme for my parents wedding anniversary and I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites that have ideas for menus for a party like that!. or have done a party like this and has some ideas!. thanks for your time!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ok, what comes to mind when you think P!.O!.T!.O!.!?There's elements of: formal, refined, scary, tender, and mystery (masks & all)!. I would have a several course meal that started with hors'odervers & a coctail hour (could be non-alcohol), with champagne glasses, gloved waiters in tuxedos, with a cape, mask & white gloves, like the actors!. The guests should be dressed formally like the patrons of the opera!. Have the music from the show playing softly in the background-could be a CD or a small band or a pianoist!. The hors'odervers would be served on silver platters (you can get silver plastic at party stores that are beautiful) I'd have formal table settings!.!.beautiful table cloths & cloth napkins (either folded fancily or in napkin rings) with several forks, spoons, glasses (water, wine, etc) along with several plates!. Start with maybe a fish appetizer (shrimp coctail, crab meat, etc!.), then a sorbet to clear the palate!. Next, a small fancy salad followed by a soup-anything from a beautiful cold plumb soup (boil fresh Italien plumbs with a little water until very soft!. Soup will be dark pink and delicious serve cold with a little cream) or, a consume, a pumpkin, squash--any light soup!. This would be followed your main course, which should consist of a protien (fish--lobster to salmon, scallops, beef: roast or filet mignon, fowl-duck ala orange, cornish game hen, veal or chicken picatta, etc) paired with scalloped potatoes, rice with vegetables, cous-cous, buttered noodles, asparagas, whole green beans with toasted almonds, baby peas or baby buttered carrots, all served with nice rolls & butter and either a cranberry relish, homemade applesauce, pickeled whole baby beets, tiny pickels-whatever!. Dessert could be a chocolate mousse, baked Alaska, a cocolate fountain with fresh fruit & cake to dip, or, cake & coffee!. Have a wonderful time and congratulations to your parents!. Your parents are lucky to have such a thoughtful, loving child!. As for the menu-these are suggestions and you should choose the foods your parents like best!. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful anniversary party!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well it's setting is French and the Opera so I would say upscale horsdoevres!. The only problem is keeping them warm!. Maybe someone making fresh crepes with fillings and a carving station!. Rich, robust and upscale food is what you're looking for!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You can try this website!.!.!.


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