POOL PARTY TIPS? fun things to do? anything i should be aware of?!

Question: POOL PARTY TIPS!? fun things to do!? anything i should be aware of!?
My friend and I are throwing an end-of-the-school-year pool party!. It will be from 6 - 9 pm, so it's a night party!. We have food and drinks covered, and we're planning on doing water balloons!. Any suggestions!?
It's an all-girls party!. How should we make this fun!?

P!.S!. Anyone who has had experience - is there anything that we should be aware of to avoid!? Problems that we should try not to run into!? Thanks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Put some lounge chairs and some waterproof pillows/cushions around the pool so when you're not swimming, the poolside becomes a lounge area for you and your friends!.

Get an inflatable boat and fill the inside of it with ice and let it hold your bottled water and soda, etc, and put it in the pool to float around while you're in it!. It will look cool as decor and available when you or your friends are hot and want something to drink!. Just be careful and warn your friends NOT to throw the caps in the water, they WILL break the filter! Tell them to put the caps back on the bottles when they're done drinking or back into the boat!!

Hang some clear, stringed, Christmas lights around the pool and party area, it will add a cool party atmosphere and instead of having spot lights and flood lights lighting your party, the string lights will add a nice mood to your party!. String them through the trees, etc!.

Have a bbq and make hamburgers and hot dogs!. Have lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ketchup, for the burgers, and mustard and saurkrut for the hot dogs!. You can also do some salads and french fries!.

You can also do a taco bar with all the toppings!.

Set up a volleyball net and play volleyball and badmitten!.

Have a waterballoon fight!.

Get an inflatable kiddie pool and fill it with water!. Break into 2 teams, have a tug of war, the losing team ends up in the water!.

Set up an ice cream bar!. Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings!. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries and let everyone make their own sundaes!. You can get waffle cone bowls at the grocery store!.

I hope these ideas help and that you have a great party!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I would not do water balloons, because I would have to clean up the hundreds of broken balloons all over the yard!. Not to mention, they may get in the pool filter and mess it up big time!. How about bubbles!? Find some bubbles and the big wands that make those huge bubbles!. Blow them over the pool and jump in to burst them!. Yeah, kind of juvenile, buy may amuse you-all for a few minutes!. You can go to the dollar stores around here and find the 8 foot noodles!. Get a bunch of those and find some connectors to put them together in different shapes!.

My 18 yo daughter just had a pool party!. They pretty much just floated around on the pool chair floats and belly boards and talked with the music blasting!. No actual games necessary!. Keep the food away from the pool!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

hey this was my 13th bday thingy theme whatever!
be aware that if u invite people that dont play nice with others well then u might get kicked out because the life guards are real serious especially if u have water slides there because when i was thirteen a person that i had to invite
(because she felt that her letter got lost in the mail) came to my party half drunk and stoned and was acting really rude and retarted and we werent aware yet that she was like that yet was literally disobeying the life guard and almost got us kicked out and she even tried to spike the punch bowl so be aware of soem people and watch the weather for rain and cold fronts and wind! and i sugesst that u dont bring balls of any type!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Try to not keep the food near the pool because if the girls go in the pool and go the snack table wet the snacks will soaked and taste like chlorineWww@FoodAQ@Com

i luv pool parties and i luv playing water volleyball! its an all girl party so break up into teams and play water volleyball!! DONT keep the food near the pool!Www@FoodAQ@Com

i like party's =)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Pool volleyball is a blast!. Big truck tire tubes are fun to run and try to land on them with your bottom in the middle!. They are also good to try to toss floating balls into!. Hey, everyone can sit in the big tubes and blow up regular size balloons and/or beach balls and try to keep them in the air without holding them! You could even get a barrel thing and bob for apples! It is a lot of fun! How about a funny skit performed in the pool!? Maybe have those who wish to make up skits or dance routines and have an "armature night"!? Be careful with the water balloons that no one gets hit in the face or hurt!. I would greatly discourage whispering as feelings can get hurt very easily!. No diving in the shallow end!. Running and diving should be done with great care!. I would completely forbid pushing or throwing people in the pool--you can't un-ring a bell!. You want this to be a memorable party because everyone had fun--not because someone got hurt!. You may be hesitant to enforce your rules, but, if something happens, you'll never be able to forgive yourselves!. Trust me, I know! I would suggest no alcohol, people get stupid when they drink, plus, #1, you're liable if anything happens & #2, again, if anything happened you'd have to live with the consequences!. Lastly, be careful for things that are easily broken!. remove anything that is special so it will be safe!. Oh, and I almost forgot--NO HOSES!! That never works-people get angry and hurt!. Yikes--I forgot the "no splashing" in the face rule and that when someone says "no, please don't", they mean it-have everyone respect everyone else's wishes!. Have a fantastic time!! I hope I was of some assistance!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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