Ideas for a 14 years old girls under the sea party?!

Question: Ideas for a 14 years old girls under the sea party!?
My friend and i are going to be having a combined 14th birthday party!. We are invited 100 people at the least (guys and girls)!. that means no lobster okayy!?

help please!?!!?!Www@FoodAQ@Com

You can decorate in colors of blues and turquiose which are the colors of the sea, do it for the balloons, streamers, tablecloths, napkins, etc!. You can do dark blue, light blue, aqua, etc, cluster them together and it will begin to look like water, etc!.

You can get some coral and make that the centerpiece of each table!. It's white and sold as decor, but it's not cheap, you can split the cost and bring it home as home decor afterwards, or check out Target, Walmart, K-mart, etc for cheaper versions, I'm sure they have it, it's a very hot look in home decor right now and I'm sure they'll have it at more reasonable prices!.

I would also check the party stores, this is going to sound odd at first, but hear me out!. Go to the area where the Finding Nemo stuff is, you're NOT buying the Nemo stuff, you're looking to see if they have anything in sea theme without Nemo on it!. You can also look around the store for anything with a fish theme!. I'm sure they have things with a fish theme that you can get!. I would definitely check it out and see what they have to offer!. I would check at least 2 stores before giving up on them!.

You can also get a pinata in the shape of a fish!.

You can get some sea creatures in stuffed animal form and put them around the party!. You can even see if you have little siblings or cousins if they have any OR buy the beanie baby form of them, you can buy Orca the whale, dolphins, fish, etc and scatter them around the party!.

You can also get some small vases or regular vases and fill them with shades of blue and bluish-green glass beads!. You can go to any crafts store and get the beads in any floral department, they are the rounded beads and they are very pretty!. You can put them in the bottom of the vases, and then add some water, and flowers!. It will look really pretty!. You can even skip the flowers and add a white pillar candle and it will look really nice!

If you can find some kind of netting, even Tulle, which you can find at JoAnn's fabrics and crafts, hang that in the corners of the ceiling, it will look nautical!. You can hang it in the corner by the two walls that meet in the corner and it will look like the fishermen's net!.

For food, I have to be honest, I wouldn't serve fish and things that go with the theme, fish shaped cookies, I can see that, but to follow the theme into the food, I can't see doing!. This is YOUR party and your friend's party and I can't see you having food that no one including you and your friend are not going to eat just to follow a theme!. Go with the foods YOU and your friend like and if that means pizza or chicken or pasta, or even Chinese, go for it!! It's your birthday party and you should be happy and you should have food that is your favorites, I can't see serving food that follows a theme, when half the people aren't going to eat it, including yourselves!. I think you should have what you both like and I can bet your friends and everyone there will be relieved and happy that you did because they probably enjoy the same foods as you!
It's your party to do as you please, but that's just my opinion, I've thrown tons of parties and I've never served food to follow a theme and I've NEVER EVER had complaints about food at ANY of my parties!. Go with what YOU and your friend like!

Back to decorations and other things! There is one thing that does follow the under the sea theme that it's a little much to make 100 of them, but you can make one for each table, or you and your friend can make them together!. You get plastic cups and fill them with blue jello!. You put them in the fridge to set up and about halfway through, (keep checking them to see where they're at) when they're NOT set yet, but not liquid, you put in one or two jelly fish! They will end up suspended in the jello like they're floating there like in a real fish bowl, and when the jello finally sets, they WILL stay where you put them and the hole you made to put them in will close up! You can make them as decoration or as a dessert!. They look really cool and they're called jello fish bowls!.

I hope some of these ideas help and that you and your friend have a great party and that you both have very Happy Birthdays!Www@FoodAQ@Com

all the birthday girls shoul wear mermaid-like outfits or costumes (sounds cheesy, but you'll look hot! lol) or wear bathing suits with grass skirts!.!.!.the food should be served as appetizers, sushi should be included for an exotic twist and mini burgers also!.!.!.cookies shaped like fish can be custom made at bakery!.!.!.
for more ideas go here http://www!.kidspartyfun!.com/pages/themes!.!.!.

or go here http://parentingteens!.about!.com/od/party!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Tons of ideas below!.

Tell everyone to bring beach towels, beach chairs, etc!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

tons of mermaids and fish!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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