Good party planners click here !!?!

Question: Good party planners click here !!!?
i need help!. i was hired from my sister to plan her whole party!.!. first they are going shopping then swimming!. then sleeping over!.!. it is a 25 hour party !. we will have a lot of time on our hands!.!. wat should we do !.!. there are going to be 5 girlzWww@FoodAQ@Com

If they are swimming at your house, get some beach balls and scatter them into the pool so they can play around them!.

Then get some lounge chairs and waterproof cushions to put around the pool area so they have a place to sit and hang out when they're not swimming!.

Again, if the swimming is at your house, get an inflatable boat, fill it with ice and put some bottled drinks in it!. Water, soda, juice, etc!. Put it IN the pool and float it around so when they're swimming and want a drink, it's there with them, it makes a cool decoration too!. BUT, warn them that they MUST put the caps of the bottles back in the boat or WAY off to the side of pool because if they put them in the pool, they WILL break the filter!!!

If there's enough time to be outside in the light, set up some games and things for them to do outside!.

Relay races, potato sack races, three legged races, etc!.

Get an inflatable kiddie pool and fill it with water or whatever and have the girls break up into 2 teams and have a tug of war, the losing team ends up in the pool!

You can also set up a volleyball/badmitten net and let them play!.

Have a pie eating contest, but instead of pie, fill the tins with whipped cream and whoever finishes first, wins! (you do the whipped cream instead so no one ends up choking on the pie)!.

You can set up an ice cream bar in or outside!. Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings!. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries and let them make their own sundaes!. You can go to the dollar store and get the plastic sundae glasses or the waffle cone bowls at the grocery store!.

You can also go to the crafts store and get them things to decorate!. Get those blank picture frames that have to be painted, etc!. Get one for each girl with some paint, glitter, stickers, etc!. and have them decorate it and then they can take it home and put their favorite picture from the party in there!.

You can also get some props for when they're in the house together, boas, sunglasses, funny hats, and hang a white sheet as a backdrop for them to pose in front of!. They can use the props and pose by themselves and with each other and take their pictures, they'll have so much fun with each other and the props, and then they can put the pictures in the frame they decorate!.

If you rent movies for them, go to Blockbuster and get them each a cardboard popcorn bucket, this way each girl at movie time gets their own bucket of popcorn, and then get some big boxes of movie candy, but let them pass that around to share!.

For food, go with your sister's favorites!. If she likes pizza, get pizzas, if she likes bbq, have a cookout, if she likes fried chicken, order some KFC and do that! Go with her favorites being it's her party!.

Other things you can do with them, give them each a make-over, do manicures and pedicures on each girl!. Ask a friend to come help you, and do their make-up too and then send them to the white sheet to pose for their pictures! Once they're all made up with make-up and their nails are done, etc!. You and your friend can divide the girls, or ask 2 friends to help and have another do their hair!. Just make sure to tell them to bring their flip flops so they don't ruin their pedicures!

also make sure to tell them to bring their blankets and pillows so when they're watching the movie they can lounge out together and when it's time to go to sleep, they have the blankets and pillows they need!.

For the next morning, you can do a pancake breakfast, it's probably easiest that way!. You can just make some plain pancakes, and then for others, do blueberry and chocolate chip, it's just a matter of putting blueberries in them while they're cooking and chocolate chips in them while they're cooking!. Then give them juice and bacon!. For the bacon, just line a baking sheet and put them in the oven, it's easier on you that way, it's one less thing to worry about it, put the bacon in there, set the timer and when the timer goes off, it's ready and you can concentrate on the pancakes!.

Make sure you decorate your house for her with some balloons and streamers!. It's nice for her to have it festive, even if half the party's not at home, when she gets there it's nice to know that it's still her Birthday party and not just a normal sleepover on any given day!. You can do them in her favorite colors, I would pick 2-3 colors, but no more than that and cluster them around where the girls are going to be!.

You can also do a pinata for them, if they can't do the ones to break open, get the one where they have to pull the strings until it opens!. If you can't hang it up, stand on a chair and hold it up high for them as they do it!. You can go to any party store for them and in the same aisles they sell pinata fillers which are huge bags of candy that go into them!. You can add more of course if she had favorite candies!.

By the way, I wouldn't plan on doing too much the next day, it is exhausting, but the good news is, you only have 5 girls! I've done my niece's parties every year, but it's been more like 18 girls, and the parties were the same as your's, 24-25 hours, we got them at 2pm and they went home after breakfast, but sometimes that wouldn't be until 1pm or later the next day!

I hope some of these ideas help and that your sister has a great party and a very Happy Birthday!Www@FoodAQ@Com

The shopping and swimming are pretty much taken care of so you should just concentrate on the dinner food, nighttime activity and morning stuff!.

Dinner: Get a pizza & wings and an awesome birthday cake (what's her favorite kind!?)

- Karaoke
- DVDs (with lots of popcorn and "movie candy")
- Trivia games (ask some questions about her like what is her favorite movie!? How much did she weigh when she was born, etc!. - you might have to ask your mom for some ideas)
- Charades are fun if you can find some good ideas and have silly girls
- Do pedicures & manicures on each other - get a bunch of lotions, polishes and other supplies at a discount store!.
- have make your own sundaes - use brownies, chocolate & vanilla ice cream, M&M's, Reese's cups, fudge and caramel sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles

For breakfast - make waffles or pancakes!. If you think that might be too hard to do for a group, make a breakfast casserole of ham & eggs!. Then all you have to do is serve toast, juice and milk!.

Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Wow! That is a marathon, isn't it!?!

The good news is that some of the time will be spent with the shopping and swimming!.

That will help tire the girls out, so hopefully they will actually do some sleeping at the sleepover!

After swimming, bring in some pizza!. Have lots of munchies on hand!.

Pull out some movies!. Do they have some favorites!? Nancy Drew, High School Musical, etc!. are some of the favorites right now!. Have nail polish for the girls to put on during the movies, some crafts - stuff they can decorate without any supervision - and lots and lots of snacks!.

Have a few games on hand too!.!.!.like twister, hullabaloo, etc!. just in case!.

Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

For party planning and ideas, try to visit sites that offer these kind of services!.!.!. I found this site very interesting:


you should have short of a spa type thing and play whould you rather and it whould be fun it you made your own face maskWww@FoodAQ@Com

the best thing to do on a sleepover is have about 5 or 6 matresees down and just lounge around on them!
well i will give you some idea's im doing for mine;;
you could have a THEMES eg; fairy, colour theme, celebrity, bad taste theme, superhero, cartoon charecter or a halloween theme!.!. some good PARTY GAMES are:
THE WHiiPED CREAM AND M&M;s GAME: what you do is give everyone a plate and put whipped cream on it, then put about 20 m&m's in the whipped cream!. the aim of the game is the first one who eats all the m&m's, the funny thing is they cant use there hands XD very messy i reccomend shower cap [ so the whipped cream doesnt go in ya hair ]
another game is SHAViiNG BALLONS
if i were you i would do this one outdise a bit messy:
first you need ballons, then fill them with, shaving cream, goo, whipped cream anythink liquid!. then you get some cheap shavers and cover the balloon with shaving cream!. you must shave the balloon clean so there is no more shaving cream left!. very messy because if you pop the balloon with ya shaver it goes everywhere!!
a classic one is TRUTH AND DARE
HiiDE AND SEEK in the dark!.
this one is really funny to watch its called WHATS iiN THE BOX
prepeare about 5 to 10 non transperent boxes and fill them with yukky things eg: lamb brains, liver, goo, worms, jelly, mashed banana, orange peals, soggy bread!.
then get your friends one by one to feel inside the box and guess what it is!. i suggest you film this funny
this one mum wont let me do its called the ALKA SELZA game
alka selza is a tablet that fizzes up when it touches a fizzy drink or waterr!. what you do it give each person a alka selza tablet!. then get them to put lemonade, coke, sunkist etc in there mouth!. then they have to put the tablet in there mouth!. who ever can keep it it there mouth without it spilling out is the winnerr!!
fairy floss,
lots of lollies
whipped cream YUM
cake of corse
lots of drinks
food colouring and fizzy drink apparently it makes ya HYPO
energy drinks
hope this helps ! good luck!

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