Ideas to create a SWEET SHOPPE/CANDYLNAD-ISH/WILL... WONKA type party???!

Question: Ideas to create a SWEET SHOPPE/CANDYLNAD-ISH/WILLY WONKA type party!?!?!?
i wanted my birthday party theme to be nothing but candy!!! could u give some ideas on what to wear, eat, do, and decor!? im having it at my house(its pretty big!.!.!.got alotta land)

and don't 4get my little grasshopperz!.!.!.

There's SO much you can do!

First, decorate in bright fun colors, sweet themes should be pink, lime green, white, bright turquoise, etc!. Have FUN with it!!
Get some bright balloons and cluster them in the corners and streamers, tablecloths, etc!.

Ok, those candy rings, they look like diamond rings, the top is candy and the ring itself is plastic you can use that as napkin rings and put the ring part around the napkin and have the diamond part standing straight up!. Or you can get those candies that are round and on paper, the ones you pick off with your teeth!. They are round and small and on white paper you can put them around the napkins and staple the paper to make them napkin rings!. Or you can tie a piece of licorce string around the napkins to make them the napkin rings!.

For centerpieces, get clear glass vases and fill them with skittles (which are fun and bright) and have those big fun lollipops sticking out, they act as the flowers and they look really fun as the centerpieces, you'll have a fun vaseful of candy and then 3 or so huge colorful lollipops coming out of them like flowers!

Get some gumball machines and scatter them around the party, fill them with gumballs, m&m's etc, just make sure to have containers of pennies next to them so your guests can get to them! You can also get the dispensers that are meant for that candy!. Like get m&m dispensers and put the m&ms in them!. JellyBelly dispenser and put JellyBellys in there, etc!.

Set up an ice cream bar! Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings!. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and marachino cherries and have everyone make their own sundaes!. You can either go to the dollar store and get those tall plastic sundae glasses or at the grocery store you can get waffle cone bowls, they're right next to the ice cream cones!.

You can then get balls, regular play balls that kids play with in different colors and some colored cellophane, the shiny kind and wrap them in the ball and make sure to twist the ends like pieces of candy!. You can put them around the party like big pieces of candy!

Make sure to have cotton candy and popcorn too!

For food, do what YOU like! This is your Birthday and YOUR party and you should have the foods that are YOUR favorites and that you like! If you love bbq, have burgers and hot dogs, if you love tacos, do a taco bar, if you love pizza, do that!. It's your party and it's your Birthday, don't serve food you don't like or may not like just to follow a theme!. Have YOUR favorites and have fun and enjoy your party!

You can visit a website called dylanscandybar!.com it's in NYC and it's amazing!. She has every candy you can think of and it's just an amazing store and website and she just made her store bigger and better!. She even has shirts that say "I love candy" and other things that aren't candy but are candy related!. She has TONS of candy though on her site!

Make sure to have LOTS of candy at your party, and that it's colorful and what YOU like! You can also have what your best friends like if it's something you don't!. I would take the harder candies like lemon heads and mike and ikes and put them in clear containers so everyone can see them and their colors!. You want the colors of those candies to show through!.

You can also go to the m&m's website and go to the shop link, you can buy m&m's in ANY color you want and have them say whatever you want! You can get your name and sweet 16 put on them and have them be your favors along with some of the candy at your party!

You can also get some cotton batting at the crafts store, which is usually in the sewing section, spray paint it pink and hang it around the party to look like clouds of cotton candy!

You can then get some of the white paper lanterns, the white ones, but make sure there's NO lights in them, just plain white round ones, and hang them from the ceiling in the party area, if you spray paint cotton you can have it come out of there and it will add a cool touch!

You can also do cupcake towers, etc

If your party is going to go into the evening and night, hang some clear, stringed Christmas lights around the entire party area, the ceiling, everywhere! It will add such a nice party mood and effect!. Instead of having blaring overhead lights when it gets dark, you'll have the twinkle of the stringed lights and it will look SO pretty and add such a nice festive look then having a blared overhead light over everyone!.

I hope some of these ideas help and that you have a great party and a very Happy Sweet 16!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Use cardboard and other materials like crepe paper to create life-size sweets like candycanes and toffees!. You can place these life-sized sweets at your doorway!. I suggest you use candy canes and place them in a cross formation so that your guests will walk under them to go into your house/party venue!.

also, you can get one of those pinatas (sp!?) shaped like candy and fill them with more candy! :D

Your guests could also come dressed up as their favourite sweet, too!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Willy Wonka is my favorite movie and i wanted my sweet 16 to be my them but anyway!.!.!.!.!.!.!. you can rent a chocolate fountain and have chocolate covered!.!.!. (fruit, peanuts,!.!.!.!.) and you can create different things out of candy like( make a pizza out of candy ) (THIS THEME IS HARD TO COME UP WITH IDEAS)Www@FoodAQ@Com

For invitations, deliver candy bars with the wrapper being the invitation!. You could also do this as a favor!.!.!.you can get custom candy bar wrappers or make them yourself!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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