Have any ideas about a Upgrade You Party?!

Question: Have any ideas about a Upgrade You Party!?
I am having an "upgrade You" party and i need help with my theme!. i want my party to be unforgettable and outstanding!. Right now i am using the Video (UPGRADE YOU) by Beyonce` which i got my idea!. so if you have any more ideas i could use your help!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I always help plan parties, it's my passion but I don't know what an (upgrade you) party is!? Tell me & i'll give you some ideas!.


Okay I saw the vid, for your color sceme I would go with sylver or Champaine, those 2 colors tend to look classy, rich, & exspensive!.( Don't know how much money you wan't to spend) Your invites could be Ipods or cell phones, (on them) put a recording or a message that since it's an up grade party, the guest have to be Up graded too!. Have everyone wear white & so you can be the only one in the alternate color (like sylver or champaine)!.

(in your decor) Use candles & mirrors, they give a sense of elagence & it looks nice with the right lighting!. Make your center pieces really tall, it makes people go wow when they see an extordinary center piece!. Make sure you have a GREAT DJ, make a list of type of music &spesific songs you want played!. I've been to many of parties where the dj sucks, & the party seems dull!. Hope I gave you a few ideas!. When you decide on a few details come back & post them again & see how people can make them better!. Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I too don't know what you are talking about!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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