Party food related to Australian History in some way or another??? ASAP?!

Question: Party food related to Australian History in some way or another!?!?!? ASAP!?
we are having a party, and we all need to bring in food/drink that somehow relates to Austrlian History!. anyone have any ideas about food that realates!.!.!?!?
please answer asap
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Damper: a traditional Australian bread
Lamingtons: A chocolate coated cube of sponge cake
Pavlova: a confection of sugar and egg white meringue, covered with delicious whipped cream and fruits
Anzac Biscuits: A rather hard but crisp biscuit of rolled oats and molasses
Soldier's Cake: A long keeping boiled fruit cake

There are also certain fish, herbs and other items that are native to Australia even though they are grown elsewhere now (macadamia nuts, etc!.)

Good luck and have fun at your party!

The website below is a GREAT source of information!. Good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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