Need opinions on having a noontime "Tea Party instead of later in the day. I'm doing so to thank some dear!

Question: Need opinions on having a noontime "Tea Party instead of later in the day!. I'm doing so to thank some dear
ladies for giving me a memorial tree in honor of my daughter, who passed last year!. Is it proper to serve little sandwiches, cakes, various teas (and coffee, of course for the diehards) at noon instead of later in the afternoon, as is traditional!? I also need some advice on "dedicating" the tree possibly with a little prayer!. Any ideas!? I know this is the place to go for help, and am looking forward to it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Today, I have a bittersweet job!. I am here to thank you dear friends for your heartfelt gesture of love and caring and I would like to dedicate this tree to my sweet daughter's memory!. A tree provides so much!. It is the inspiration for poetry and song!. Trees are strong and yet vulnerable!. ______________________ also provided so much!. (Then, make comparisons here of your daughter and tree)!. End with this prayer!.
Those we love must someday pass beyond our present sight!.!.!. Must leave us and the world we know without their radiant light!. But we know that like a candle their lovely light will surely shine to brighten up another place more perfect!.!.!. more divine!. And in the realm of Heaven where they shine so warm and bright!. Our loved ones live forevermore in God’s eternal light!.

The tea party sounds wonderful!. Here are some suggestions for tea sandwiches and scones!. Links are below!. Check out the scones site!. It has photos and recipes for a many different tea scone types!.
Cucumber Mint Sandwiches
Herbed Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Ham-Watercress Sandwiches
Kelly's Party Finger SandwichesWww@FoodAQ@Com

I think the noontime Tea is a fantastic idea, ladies are tea party any time people! The food suggestions you have sound perfect, maybe add some scones, little ones, with whipped cream and a good jam, you won't have to fuss over anybody after everything is on the table!. Maybe get a simple date & banana loaf for the men, sliced on a plate man sized!. I am not sure about the words for your dear daughter, I wish you all the best with your dedication!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Your idea's sound wonderful!. The tree is a wonderful reminder of life, though fragile and limited!. I would just like to say how sorry I am for your loss!. Know please that one day you will be re-united and in that time there will be no more sorry, pain, tears or death, for God has promised to wipe them all away!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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