I am hosting a tupperware party at my house?!

Question: I am hosting a tupperware party at my house!?
I need some ideas on foods and drinks!.!.!.anyone have any cute ideas!? Most of the guests are middle aged women with the exception of like 4 of us who are in there 20's!. I want something away from the typical finger sandwiches and veggies!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

As a tupperware consultant I wouldn't go all out!. Usually they won't eat until after the consultant has demonstrated her products and people gather!. so make something that won't spoil or dry up or if you can pull it out of the fridge quick and put it on the table!.

THe best best thing I recommend is doing a 7 layer mexican deep (you can google it to find the ingrediants) and chips!. and then something to drink!. also if you put Cream Cheese in a bowl (smashed down) and put salsa on top YUMMY!.

The simpliest the best! people aren't going there expecting a full course meal :D

and don't ask the tupperware lady to cook for you!. By law tupperware consultants are not allowed to cook because if someone gets sick off the food, they can sue TUPPERWARE!. we can't take responsibility :DWww@FoodAQ@Com

I would just do what you and your friends normally eat, if that's pizza, send out for a few pizzas, if that's bbq, do that, have some burgers and hot dogs, I'm sure that would be a BIG hit!

You can also do something that's more inclusive like baked ziti and then a salad, or a chicken parm and baked ziti and a salad, but that really depends on how much work you want to put on yourself!. It's a lot do these parties and you're going to have to have snacks and chips and some things for them to snack on while waiting for the main food!. Usually most people don't expect to have a big meal at these parties, so make sure you tell your friends that you're making this a real party with food!

I would go ahead and grill if you can, it will be much easier on you then you can grill up everything and keep it warm in the oven!. Or grill it up after the tupperware presentation is over and everyone is placing orders, etc!.

You can also do something that's buffett style, which would be like ziti or a mac and cheese, salad, etc!. You can even ask a friend of two to make a side dish to make things easier on you and then have them lined up buffet style after the presentation is over so everyone can help themselves!.

I would just go with what you and your friends normally eat, whatever your favorite foods are and what's easiest for you to make!. You don't want to be rushing around to cook things, make something that you can cook in advance and just heat up the night of the party, this way it's easier on you!.

I hope this helped even just a little and that you have a great party and a great time with your friends!Www@FoodAQ@Com

When I hosted a party the lady made food using tupperware - so I just had to prepare ingredients!.

Suprisingly the Rock n Serve brownies are really yummy

If you still want to serve food - try a roll yourself sushi station!.
where you have crab meat, avocados, cucumbers, smoked salmon, nori, cream cheese and other sushi items out for your guests to roll, dip (in soy), and enjoyWww@FoodAQ@Com

ask the tupperware lady to give you ideas using her tupperware - muffins etc!. That way people see how to use the product & hopefully buy moreWww@FoodAQ@Com

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