How to have a great house party..??!

Question: How to have a great house party!.!.!?!?
Well, Me and friend are having a party together for a 13th birthday since our b-days are close together!. We were thinking of a bbq first and then a dance party with really cool lights put up that flicker and try to decorate it so it looks like a club!. But i have a couple questions!. What are some fun games we can play!? And how can we stop the akward silence that happends at parties!? And a name for our party!? And also basically how to host a great party!? And we were also thinking of giving out prizes!.!.!.!?!? So thanks in advance for all your help:)?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well!.!.!.!.!.!.cool !
I love parties !!!!!! sooooooooo much !
1 !. You can play truth or dare , chinese wisper !.!.!.its like you`ll
have to wisper a sentense in your friends ear & !.!.it goes
on to others !.!.!.& the last person gets to say that sentense !.!.
It can be wrong !.!.scrambled or whatever !.!.!.It would be funny !
Remember !.!.!.if you wanna have fun !.!.!.You`d better !.!.!.wisper a tounge twister !.!.it`ll be fun ! I`ve done it !!
You can do riddles !.!.!.!.!.!.&
you can even play spin the bottle !.!.!.!.on whomever it stops
they`ll have to tell out a secret or a extremely funny joke !

2!. Hmmmmmm ! I know this happens !.!.itz quite weird !isn`t it !? sooooooo
You can say some joke !.!.!.to break out the silence !.!.!.
a funny one !! or you can change the topic whatever have been going on !.!.!.to a good one !.!.!.Itz easy you can convert it into something good !.!.!.!.!.!.

3!.well !.!.!.you want a wonderful name !.!.!.!.
sooooooo here ive written some ones !.!.!.you can choose the best one !.!.!.!.& name it for your party !
dandy party
Pink party - is girly !.!.!.girly if you want it !
Ferocious Fun
elementry enjoy
Polly party
Mingy 'n' kinky - this means mean !.!.cool !.!.& type a sexy !
soooooooooo go on !

4!. Well !.!.!.To host a best party !.!.
tell amazing stories to your friends !.!.!.which is very interestng for them to open their ears wide & listen !
You can put crystal ball !.!.!.& one of your friend telling it to folks who are really interested !.!.!.!.just do as if !.!.!.!.

5!.Cool !
Prisez !!!!\PRIZES !
sooooo you can give a rose & a sweet box or
a !.!.!.!.!.!.!.well !.!.decide some thing cool
or vist this site !.!.www!.giftsworld!.com
or search on google search too !
You can go on askjeeves too
itz www!.askjeeves!.com
ok !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.HAVE FUN & ENJOY >>>Www@FoodAQ@Com

The Dance idea sounds great!. Keep music going constantly unless the group is watching a video or all together playing Rock Band or something!. Even when dancing, keep some kind of video (or two or three) going silently in the background!. These will help to be conversation starters!. Like an old Godzilla movie, Charlie Chaplin, Three Stooges!.

Keep things flowing by putting the food in different places!. Like put the drinks and cups on the kitchen table, the sweet stuff on the dining room table, and the hot wings and stuff on the kitchen counter-top!. This will keep things moving!. Have at least one activity where everybody sits around the living room and plays - like charades or something - unless everybody groans when you suggest it!.


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