My 10 year old wants to have a hollywood red carpet birthday party. Have any ideas???!

Question: My 10 year old wants to have a hollywood red carpet birthday party!. Have any ideas!?!?!?
We have plenty of time to plan and want it to be a great party since last year she moved and did not get to invite alot of friends!. We need ideas for games, food, and any thing else!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

lol thats so cute!
ok well if you having it at your house, at your front door have a long red carpet for the kids to walk up!.
-mabye you could have some sort of backdrop for the kids to get their photto taken with the birthday girl!. (and you can use the back of each photo for thank you letters!.)
-have a few older kids dressed in black and white serve the little kids orderbs!. ( like small popcorn chicken, mini pizzas and french fries!. or if you want to keep it healthyer, serve diff mini sandwiches!.)
-have a chocolate fountain!. at this fountain set out rice krispys, strawberrys, marshmellows and pretzals! kids love these!
- for drinks, you could set out lemonade or punch in cute cups!.
- 10 year olds love to run around, so you could get a bouncy house!. you could also set up karyoke!. (hannah montana!.)
- for plates, napkins, cups, forks go with a certain colored theme!. probably red and black!.
- to decorate your house, have red baloons set up, get large photos of movie stars! ( like disney chanel movie stars!.)
- for goody bags, hand out star glasses and sashes!. (or those feathery things that you wrap around your neck!.)

good luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Try Party City! They have movie theme decorations, like the clapboard, stars, etc!.

See if you can find a red carpet, if not red plastic vinyl would do (like a disposable tablecloth for a long table, not a round one-you could cut it in half lengthwise if necessary)!.

Now, for the location!. You could consult your local movie theater and see if they would work with you!. It might cost an excessive amount of money, though!. But perhaps you could have your daughter pick a movie to be shown at her party!.

If you can think of another venue, there are projectors you can borrow/rent or purchase that show the movie on a wall!. Another suggestion would be having the movie outside, though it might conflict with her ideas of a red carpet party!. Think of it as red carpet meets drive in!. Our church does an outdoor movie for the children once a year, and it is always a big hit!

I would purchase the clear plastic "wine" glasses and serve fruit punch or apple juice, cheese squares!. Have fruit and veggie trays and finger sandwhiches, and the like!. I do not think that most red carpet hollywood parties include a full sit down meal, and it will be a lot easier (and less expensive) on you to not have to serve the full meal!. Perhaps instead of cake and ice cream, you could do an icecream cake!. Popcorn would be a must, and movie style candy!.

Games-What about SceneIt!? They have a Disney version that most of the guests would probably be familiar with and able to play!.

I would let the children dress up, depending on how expensive you are willing to let the party get you could consider hiring a limo to take them on a ride!.

For the previews prior to the movie, you could consider showing home videos of her if she would not be too embarassed!.

Get small trophies, and have awards!. She could be Best Actress, her best friend could be Best Supporting Actress!. Who is the most dramatic!? That one could get an award!. What about an award for the funniest of her friends (comedy)!? You get the idea!.

I hope this helps, and wish you the best!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Take pictures of the guests as they walk the red carpet or with the birthday star and put them in a black or gold picture frame for favors!. Life size cut outs of your daughter's favorite stars would be great in the pics as well!.

Purchase star shaped sugar cookies for each guest to make their own star for the "Walk of Fame"

Rent a projector and play a movie on a blank wall in the house or a white sheet in the backyard for their very own personal "movie screening!."Www@FoodAQ@Com

i had a party like that a few years ago
i dont remember everything we did
but i know we had like a mini awards show
that was fun
and everythingg has to be like holllywood red carpet , check out party city / their website!.!.they have EVERYTHING !
you could also do like a mini photoshoot with everyone so that they feel like superstarrrrrrss!
feather boas are great to add
metallic confetti is fun too
food , cake, chips, pizza, ya know!.!.!.party food haha
for drinks you could serve like juices or something in cool cups, like sumtin like margarita glasses or sumtin but NONALCOHOLIC drinks inside haha my friend did that once it was fun we even put like the cherries and pineapples on the stick thingy in it

well i hope that helped somehow :)
good luck and have fun !!!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Make these really snazzy invites, something glamorous!. Design movie posters with your child and use them as decoration!. Use lots of glitz and glitter!. Have kids drink ginger ale from plastic champagne glasses, have a red carpet long enough for the guests, dressed in their tinseltown best, to parade on and be interviewed and photographed!. Look for chocolate molds that resemble oscars and wrap them up in gold foil!. This is for starters!. I'm sure you will get many more ideas!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

thats cool i had the same thing for my 12th b-day party! we did have a red carpet where we just got the fabric at walmart!. we had oscars (or grammys)!. all of us had to bring a fancy outfit and then we had like best dressed, etc!. we also did pedicures and manicures and stuff like that!. well good luck and have fun!!! i suggest going to birthdaypartyideas!.com they have great ideas!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


games- guess the celebrity
phot shoots

food- punch and hor duerves!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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