What should I do about my sweet sixteen?!

Question: What should I do about my sweet sixteen!?
I really would like some help with planning my sweet sixteen on a budget!.!.!. I am thinking of having an oasis themed party!.!.!. i would really like some help with food ideas, decor ideas, and ideas on a cool way to hand out my invites!.!.!. i really would like some advice on a good place to have a sweet sixteen on a budget!.!.!. Please HELP!Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you're doing a theme the decorations are definitely gonna cost you, unless you make them from scratch!. To keep it cheap do it in your own back yard - renting any place is going to get expensive - unless you rent your town's Veteran's Hall, it will give you a lot more room and not cost too much!. That way all you need is either a stereo or i-pod dock (if it's loud enough) for music, some decorations & food!. For my party, my sister & I made some gourmet sandwitches and everyone thought we had the party catered! We bought a couple of the really long french bread loafs & sliced them up!. Then we put a piece of meat, cheese and lettuce on each (or: piece of meat, cheese & tomato, make some w/ hard boiled eggs, mayo & chopped scallions sprinkled on top, anything you want really - then stick a colorful toothpick through each and stacke them up on serving plates!)!. also have a bunch of tortilla chips and a few different dips - cheese, sour cream & onion, hummus and salsa!. Get a whole bunch of large size sodas and juices!. Ice tea can be easily and cheaply made from a powder mix and poured into pitchers!. Buy all decorations, cups, plates, utencils and table cloths at your locar Dollar Store (Dollar Tree is really good), that way you won't spend a lot!. If you are doing your party outside then definitely get some tiki torches for atmosphere, balloons are also good decorations and can be purchased and filled w/ helium at almost any dollar store!. Just as long you have lots of colorfull paper stuff flying around in the wind it will look festive!. If you're going to do it inside then definitely get a little disco ball and some shiny decorations to reflect the light - it will look really night-clubby and beautiful!. You can probably get the disco ball at Party City!. also if your parents have a Costco or BJ's membership definitely check those stores out for the supplies - if you buy in bulk they are much cheaper than in regular supermarkets!. I hope this helps, good luck & have a great Sweet Sixteen!Www@FoodAQ@Com

I say have a ghetto-fab theme party, the hell with the oasis!. Have everyone dress ghetto (lots of fake bling, gold teeth, etc!.) and carry boom boxes!. All beverages served must bottled and served from a paper bag!. In addition, have some relays!. As some friends to bring old VCR's that will never be used again and have a ghetto obstacle course while carrying them!. This woulld all go perfect in your back yard or by a train station!. Best of luck!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

fun them since its oasis them make ur house or ur backyard like and oasis have a tikibar and make smothings and stuff have the music up loud

my sister sweet sixteen was the weird party but fun and cheap mt dad put up turpes and had all the guys and girls play paintball and somone had there car on with the music so loud it was so kool Www@FoodAQ@Com

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