Party help? please read?!

Question: Party help!? please read!?
My birthdays comming up about a week I invited four girls but two cant swim because of the most stupidest reasons ever!.!.!.!.!. Im planing to invite guys but Im kinda embarrassed if I do so because of my parents and theres like nothing to do besides swim!.
What else should we do besides swim, a water balloon and watelse!?

We are havin chips, cupcakes, pizza, ice cream, and a bigger cake later in the evening!. I feel like thats not enough what other food should I get!?

Music!.!.!.!.!. Im not sure can anyone give me a list or a link!?

also decorations are just streamers and ballooons!.!.!. i dont no if ill get a huliem tank to blow up the balloons so what should I do with the balloons tape them to the walls!?!? any ideas what i should do with balloons and streamers!?!?


well, it'll probably be more fun if its bigger and don't be embarrassed its just inviting guys its no big deal :) so just tell the guys to invite all their friends and invite all your girl friends and tell them to bring friends and just play music from you tube and just search like!.!.!. petey pablo show me the money
3 6 mafia lolli lolli and other stuff from them
chris brown
lil mama, especially shawty get loose umm and other songs just search party songs on yahoo answers umm and just blast it pretty much and you guys can play truth or dare, k or be k'ed wich is like, you have 3 seconds or whatever to choose someone to kiss or the person next to you does but you need both guys and girld for that umm and just play fun games like that and dance and then start to throw water balloons at everyone itll be tons of fun and happy birthday!!! good luck!! <33333333

Water-Gun Fight
Even Adults play Marco-Polo
You can play chicken with those giant noodle things
Get a pool basket ball set, or volleyball
Pool Limbo
Bring floaty chairs and things for people who can't swim,and maybe twister if they still don't want to get in!.
After the guys leave, have a girls night in party, with surprise fun things,non-alcoholic drinks, karioke, watch movies, play "model" or something!.!.!.and have run-way music!.

maybe order a popcorn chicken platter from chick fil a (i used to work there so i know its really good) or wat ever type of chicken store you have!. maybe like hot wings!. and idk if u just forgot to type it but your gonna need drinks cuz swimming always makes me thirsty!. and if you have one just plug ur ipod up and make a playlist of all the good songs!. if you have one of those iHomes other people can plug up theirs too if they have a good song!. good luck and happy birthday!!!!!!! Www@FoodAQ@Com

order a pizza!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You could create an obstacle course, have people blind folded doing crazy things like running through hula hoops (like tires), spinning their head on a wiffle ball, then have to carry a penny on a spoon!. You may even be able to do boys against girls with that!. ( if u build up the courage)

You cant go wrong with a fruit or vegtable platter!. also, maybe get chicken strips with the pizza or create a cheese or chocolate fondue, its simple and delicious!

A link for good and A LOT of party songs can be found below!. For future reference, maybe make a party songs cd for all of your parties so this question doesn't come up again!.

if you have an above ground pool put the streamers aroung the gate ish thing around the top or on the poles; along with the balloons!. With an inground pool you can put balloons actually in the pool!. You could also tape them on the gate along with the streamers, on the door, and maybe even on the ground!. whatever works for you

Hope That Helps!!! Have a great birthday and party!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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