How do you go about having a Progressive Dinner?!

Question: How do you go about having a Progressive Dinner!?
It sounds like fun, so I could use some suggestions on how to get it started!. Thanks!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

You can actually have a progressive dinners with a different theme each month!. The course responsibilities can be rotated among participants!. You can pick holiday themes, seasonal themes or different cuisines for each dinner!. Here are some articles you can check out for more ideas: http://entertaining!.about!.com/cs/dinnerp!.!.!.

Well, first you need a few friends to participate, maybe 4 couples!.
They need to live reasonably close to one another, for travel time!.
Each house/couple needs to prepare & serve one of the courses:
Appetizers or soup, salad or pasta, main entree, dessert & coffee, etc!.
Obviously, the main couse will be the more expensive to prepare!.
As the prime mover, you could volunteer to provide that!.

It's best if you do it on your block, so that people are walking from house to house!. Each house would have a course of the meal - from appetizers & drinks through dessert & coffee!. Since the person making the entree might be spending more money, you might all want to add up your expenses, and then split the total among all the couplesWww@FoodAQ@Com

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