Please help me having a party and need certain foods.. !!

Question: Please help me having a party and need certain foods!.!. !
disney themed food!. they could be things caracters have ate in the movie or sweets like "white mice" as the mice in Cinderella!.
easy points!. =)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Snow white ~ 7 jelly Babbie's on a cocktail stick (7 dwarfs) or giant apple gummy sweets

Cinderella ~ Pumpkin pie

Little Mermaid/finding Nemo ~ Tuna or prawn sandwiches or crab paste (Sebastien) sandwiches, fish crackers!.

Dumbo ~ Peanuts

Pinocchio~ Pear drops or pears (Geppetto gave him 3 pears to eat)

Alice in wonderland ~ Candy watches (white rabbits stopwatch), Cookies with eat me written on with icing, Mushroom sweets I think there are two kinds pink and white foam ones or coconut flaked covered ones, Mad Hatter tea party - cucumber sandwiches, cakes and pot of tea, queen of hearts jam tarts!.

Bambi ~ Carrot sticks (thumpers snacks)

Peter pan ~ Melon (canon) balls, fruit kebabs on cocktail swords, crackle candy like pop rocks for fairy dust, chcolate gold coins (booty),

Lady & the Tramp ~ Spagehtti & meatballs

Sleeping Beauty ~ Red gummy lips (she was given red lips to shame the red rose)

Jungle Book - Jungle Juice (make up a fruit punch), Gummy Snakes, animal crackers

Beauty & the beast ~ Belle's french fancies

Aladdin ~ Jewels like gummy ring and lolly rings, candy necklaces and braclets, chocolate coins, or even turkish delights

Lion king - gummy bugs and worms

Toy story ~ Mr potato heads (crisps/chips), Buzz Lightyears (spaceraiders snacks), Buzz lightyears sweet mix - flying saucers, mini bars of mars, galaxy, milkyway and mars planets!.

Hope this helps! Sounds like a great party!

Lulabelle xXxWww@FoodAQ@Com

This is a good theme

Cinderella-White Mice -White Chocolate Molded Mice

The Aristocats-Cat Food -Chunks Of Small Meat

The Lion King -Carmel Molded Lions

Sleeping Beauty - Poison Carmel Apples With Nuts

Mary Poppins -Bird Feed- Mixture Of nuts

Alice In Wonderland- Hoppin Tea - Tea with Honey

Lady and the Tramp - Doggy Noodles - Spagetti And Meatballs

Movie name -Name of recipe- The Simple recipe Name

I think your best bet is cupcakes and icing!. You can make just about anything!.
Any characters!.
Only limit is your imagination!.
You can do a Google image search for photos of the characters!.
I assume this is for kids!. Add some ice cream and you have the cake also!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

red apples - snow white

cadburys roses - beauty and the beast

honey sandwichs - winnie the pooh

make some blue jelly and put some like sweet in it - sort of like the sea - the little mermaid

choc coins and gold covered sweets - aladdin

like hotdogs with cocktail sticks coming out - like bugs - a bugs life


Tarzan -> banana, other tropical fruit
Lilo n Stitch -> coconut
Snow White -> apple
Cinderella -> cake

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