How to make a great party for a 13 yr old?!

Question: How to make a great party for a 13 yr old!?
I am helping with a party for a 13 year old(shes turning 13) shes having it at the gym and needs help with covering the walls, music, drinks and ideas for saving money and cheaper but nice decorationsWww@FoodAQ@Com

She will want it to look really grown up, try making up your own non-alcoholic cocktails, that's what I had, mohitos, blue lagoons etc etc

Music should just be from the charts, r'n'b etc etc

And the walls!.!.!.I'm not sure, I had red and pink material draped over the walls, quite elegant, and you can get cheap material!. Try and stay away from balloons and banners, party tings biscuits as well!.!.I'm only speaking from experience, had my 13th 7 years ago :D


instead of having it at a gym just have her and one or two of her friends and take them to a hotel in the dells or just a hotel that has a swimming pool make sure to have surpise her like put ballons around the room and get a ice cream cake now thats a good party for a13 year oldWww@FoodAQ@Com

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