Moving out wanting ideas for dinner help needed?!

Question: Moving out wanting ideas for dinner help needed!?
just moved out on my own and yea I cant cook worth anything I can't cook worth anything I can boil rice and ground hamburger any ideas of dinner ideas and deserts I can make try to cook for my girlfriend thank you Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you really want to cook for her, try this!. It takes longer to type it then to prepare it!. lol

*Antipasti salad
Spaghetti with meat sauce!.
Sauteed Green Beans with baby carrots
Herbed or Garlic bread (not bad if you both eat it) - get the frozen kind or fresh from the bakery!.
*Almost Tira Misu

1 can of your favorite spaghetti sauce
1 lb of ground beef - browned, drained
small box of spaghetti - cook it just before you are ready to serve dinner!.
bag of frozen green beens and baby carrots

Put the green beans, carrots and butter in a pot on low heat with salt and pepper to taste!. You want to be fancy, throw some almond slivers on top when you serve it!.
Antipasti - You can either get this already prepared at your local deli or make your own like this!.
1 each of 1/4 inch thick slice of salami, ham, turkey
1 tomato, mozzerella stick, lettuce or bagged salad!.
Italian dressing or vinegar and olive oil!.

Chop up the salami, ham, turkey, tomato and mozzerella stick into pieces of similar size!. Mix with a tablespoon of dressing and refrigerate!. Serve it on a bed of lettuce or salad greens!.

Almost Tira Musu

Whipped cream
Prepackage Vanilla pudding
one of those store brought pound cakes
1 tablespoon Coffee flavor liquor and strong cold coffee mixed together- you can leave out the liquor if you want and use a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Cut a few thick ( 1 in) slices of cake!. Lightly toast them in the oven!.
Let the slices cool a bit!. cut them into thick strips, maybe a half inch, drip a little of the coffee mixture on each piece!. Don't soak them, they'll be mushy!.

Now take two small glasses!. Put a couple of slices of cake in each glass, some pudding and top with the whipped cream!.

You can make the meat and spaghetti sauce, and the antipasti salad the day before, don't add the lettuce until you are ready to serve!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

If you have a patio, get a small BBQ or hibachi:) Or, you can broil steaks!. Double-stuffed potatoes are impressive, and super easy to do!. Just wash & poke 2 big potatoes; wrap them in foil and put in the oven at 375-400, for about 1 hour (or a little more - until very soft)!. Carefully slice a thin layer off the top of each and scoop out the insides into a bowl!. Now, mash the insides up, with butter, milk, shredded cheese, salt & pepper, a little garlic & parsley; and stick it back inside each potato shell!. Top with a little more butter and sprinkle with paprika!. Bake at 375 for another 20 min!. (You can do this ahead, and just reheat them later) !.!.!.!.!.Buy some pre-packaged salads!. Some even come with the dressing, or get a good quality salad dressing !.!.!.!.

These are the most decadent cookies, and SO EASY! Just buy the ingredients and layer them:)
1/2 c!. butter (1 stick)
1-1/2 c!. graham cracker crumbs (come in a box on baking aisle)
1 can Eagle Brand sweetened, condensed milk (baking aisle)
1 6-oz!. pkg chocolate chips
1/2 c!. flaked coconut (either in bag, or get a small can - baking aisle)
1 c!. chopped nuts (you can buy them chopped - baking aisle)
Melt butter in bottom of 9x13" pan!. Remove from heat!. Sprinkle crumbs evenly over bottom of pan!. Spread milk evenly over crumbs!. Sprinkle chips, coconut & nuts on top and spread evenly!. Press down gently!. Bake at 350 for 25 min, or until golden brown!. Cool and cut into barsWww@FoodAQ@Com

Hi there!.!.well hope this helps mate!.!.here's some easy and handy ideas in cooking a meal and desserts!.!.!.But first, plan a simple menu, like start by breakfast lunch and dinner!.!.For breky ( bfast)!.!.of course a simple continental bfast like ( scrambled eggs with cream and cheese, toast, bacon, grilled tomato and hash browns!.!.Lunch ( a simple pasta, it's your choice if it's a white sauce or red sauce just add some mushrooms,bacon and cheese, you've got carbonara!.!.white sauce just cream or milk and red sauce is crushed tomatoes in cans and just flavor it up and don't forget your garlic bread!.!.just butter, chopped parsley and minced garlic then chuck it in the oven or!.!.thats it!!.!.Dinner just a simple Rump steak or porterhouse, just marinate it with olive oil, paprika, pepper and salt!.!.just pan fry it!.!.some corn and peas, buttered or steamed wwith roast potatos,carrots and pumpkin with a touch of herbs and spices!.!.or basically with mashed potato and gravy on top!.!.!.Well dude hope this helps!.!.Cheers!Www@FoodAQ@Com

How about an Omelet and a mixed Salad!?

Omelet: Two or three eggs for each one and just add whatever you
have at hand like Bacon,Onions,Tomatoes,Mushrooms!.Ham etc!. etc!.

Or: Brats and baked Potatoes and a Salad!?

Simple and quick to make and not too many pots to clean!.

And if she does not like your Dinner, have her help you next time and
check her cooking skills!.

Have fun!.


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