Sweets for a kids party?!

Question: Sweets for a kids party!?
My nephew is turning one and is having a party later today!. Obviously he is too young for the traditional party games such as musical bumps etc, but about 12 older kids are also coming and his mum has asked me to organise some party games!. I was going to do a couple of pass the parcels as I thought really little ones might join in with that, I know my mum said I did when I went to a party aged a year!. Normally when I play this I let kids choose a sweet (candy) from a tub once they've unwrapped a layer (unless they unwrap the main prize of course) but I'm not sure about what would be suitable for really little ones such as my nephew to have!. Normally I don't like kids, particularly toddlers, having sweets, but this is a party and I know my nephew's mum doesn't mind him having them!. So my main issue is having something that him and other toddlers wouldn't choke on!. I've bought a tub of haribo marshmallows because they are long enough for little ones to hold in their hand and suck on but I still don't know if they're really right!. I thought about having stickers instead of sweets but I thought the little ones might put them in their mouths anyway and choke on them!. Please don't suggest having a little toy in each layer of the parcel because I really can't afford to do that!. So, what do you think!? Shall I stick with marshmallows or does anyone else have a good idea!? Thanks xx Www@FoodAQ@Com

your best bet is definitely the marshmallows, i reckon after reading that!.

* they're less fattening
* they're not likely to make the kids go crazy and hyper
* they're cheap, easy
* most kids love them (i know i did!)
* they're soft so less likely to choke on

otherwise, i'd recommend the stickers!. if these kids are young enough to stick something in their mouth straight away, then their parents would be nearby right!? they'd be able to help them not eat the sticker!.


im a kid and i love marshmallows and they arent as fattening so i think that u should stick with the marshmallows!. the little ones will love those!.Www@FoodAQ@Com



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