What do you think i should do? (party/family question)?!

Question: What do you think i should do!? (party/family question)!?
hi again!.
for my birthday party which is coming up soon this month!. im planning to have a beach party, but also have some of my party at home BUT my grandma will be here and im REALLY embarresed of her, i know thats sad but!. shes really really mean and that, and she'll be yelling at my friends all the time and do really embaressing stuff, she isnt related to me or anything, ive already tried talking to her but she wont listen, what are some ways for me and my 4 friends to try and get away from her and stuff, what are some ideas i could do to stay away from her as much as we can!?

try talking to your parents about how you feel!. if that doesn't work, then you can have a beach party for your friends, and a home party for your family!. i hope this idea works for you!. have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

if your old enough move out of home then you wont have to be embarrassed!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Have you talked to your parents about this!? When I was younger, my step-father was just like your Grandma, so after I sat down and explained things to my mom, we worked out a plan that was doable for us, a variation of this might help you!. The day of my party, It was agreed that I would spend a little bit of time with my family, then my friends came and picked me up to go to my party!. I do not understand why when some people get older, they become extra mean, but some do!.I hope that she does not completely ruin your day, just try as much as possible to avoid her!. Stay busy!. Does she have anyone in the family that she gets along with!? If so, see can they help you run interference!., or maybe they can talk to her for you!. What finally helped my step-father to not be as much as a pain in the butt, I gave him a get well card, when he opened it and read it, he tried to give it back saying that he was not sick, I told him sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought he was being mean and grouchy because he was not feeling good, I did not know of any healthy people who acted like that!. After awhile, he was less of a pain and I was more comfortable bringing my friends around!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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