Graduation Party Suggestions - Mercado Style?!

Question: Graduation Party Suggestions - Mercado Style!?
I am having my graduation party in November (Early Graduation), and I want it to look like a mercado!. Any suggestions regarding food or decorations!?

So far I have thought of the
papel picados (of course!)
a pile of flowers on the table
Signs for Elotes in Vaso and Aquas Frescas (I am thinking of serving these as well)
Salsa Music of couse, as well as chips and salsa!.
Frutas with chile

also, I am hoping to have paletas, anywhere I can buy paletas in bulk!?

Thanks Alot!!!

I found a website for you that also gives you other foods to consider for your grad party mercado style!. They will ship your paletas in bulk until next month so hurry up and order and freeze! Good luck and congrats grad!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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