Marie antoinette b-day party ideas?!

Question: Marie antoinette b-day party ideas!?
So, I'm having a marie antoinette birthday party and I want to do something that will really make something to talk about, something that people will think is really cool!.
its going to be a dance party, but a masquerade!. so everyone will come in modern day formal clothes, but its styled after marie antoinette(big hair, fancy, lavish)

I want to do something that both boys and girls will enjoy!.
For example, at a murder mystery party, everyone receives an identity!. That makes conversation and gives people something to be excited about!.
I want to do something that get people involved instead of just being a party!.
Any ideas!?
Thank you in advance!.

also, what kind of food, drink and decorations should be there!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I would defiantly go with for food,
sweet petite french foods,
and maybe a really beautiful pink cake, like in the movie if you have seen it!.
[[if not you should watch it, there are great party/dance scenes]]!.
I think you can use what drink you want,
but something sparkling, and in pretty glasses, even if not real champagne glasses!.
I would use some confetti, balloons, and maybe a fake chandeliar!?!?

hmm oh and a chocolate fondu fountain!!
haha i guess it all depends on how much you are willing to spend,
but no matter what you do you should have it be very frilly, and lavish!.

oh and flowers,

I had a Marie Antoinette party once and I passed out a tiara for everyone!. I had a friend make a cake that said, "Let them eat cake!" People were encouraged to bring the hostess a small token gift appropriate for Marie Antoinette!. Someone brought me a doll of Marie Antoinette where you can push a button on the back and her head popped out! Very funny!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Please don't forget that the sassier style champagne was design in celebration and idealize her breast size!. Therefore champagne should be served in the that style!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Let them eat cake

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