Party help? Husband's 40th Birthday?!

Question: Party help!? Husband's 40th Birthday!?
I am having a party at my house for my husbands 40th!. I have the food (lots of appetizers), cake, keg and some decor covered!. I am thinking about hiring a DJ for some dance or should I just use the Ipod with speakers!.
Problem 1: I don't have enough seating for everyone (18 seats vs!. 50-60 people)!.
Problem 2: I don't want anyone to get bored - I have music - it will be indoor/outdoor - should I have some other type of activity or just let it go!? I was thinking of a roast or having everyone come with a story - when would I do this!.
If I have left anything out or you have an idea I would love to hear it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Sounds like fun!! Well about the seating, you can call a local rental place and just rent more chairs!. I do this for all of our entertaining needs and it's very affordable!! Well as for getting bored, you have a keg, do something fun like beer pong!. The guys and gals would love this!. You can have gaming tables like scrabble at one, monopoly at another!.!.!. I think that you will have plenty between all that since people just love being social and eating and will be enjoying each others company! The roast is a great idea since he's hit a milestone age!. Do something like that after the cake or while the cake is being cut and passed!. You could also see who knows him best by typing some questions about your husband like, what is his favorite food, color, etc!. and see who gets the closest answers and have a prize for it!. I like the DJ idea, but we always do the Ipod through the speakers that way you can load a list of your husbands favorites and just have them going!. Have a great time!! =)Www@FoodAQ@Com

Get enough food and beer and everyone will have a good time!.

Make sure you do something your husband likes - is he a show off!? Then do a half hour karaoke!. Don't do a sit-down - have some seats around the place, but everyone will end up in the kitchen anyway (it's the natural order of parties)!.

DJ would be overkill - and your neighbours might kill you for the noise!.

Ask everyone to bring a bottle, or to bring a copy of a photo of them with your husband from the past and pin them up on a couple of boards around the house!. Then you can have the "Oh, do you remember this photo!" type converstations, what with 40 being a milestone and all!.!.!.

Everyone will have a laugh at the bad hairstyles and clothes as well!.

Good luck, I hope he and you enjoy it!.!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ask family & friends if they have any fold up chairs or lightweight garden chairs you can borrow for the event, I would not recommend the dj idea stick with your ipod idea!. Trust me when a large group of 50-60 guest they will not be bored, they will be engaging in conversations of the past and catching up on things!.
You could have a themed party!. (Disco) and have all the guest come dressed from the 70's you will get alot of laughs at the get ups! you can use records as decorations, music notes and so on!.!.!. If you decide on this let me know I can tell you how to turn records into chip/pretzel bowls!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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