Flat Party...Heres the deal..?!

Question: Flat Party!.!.!.Heres the deal!.!.!?
Ok, I've recently moved into student accomodation!. My flatmates are alright but they aren't very sociable and we don't mix together as a flat at all!. We don't seem to have much in common!. I'm not really into this situation!.

Some guy came knocking on our flat door inviting us to a party on friday in a flat upstairs (complete with decks&dj, and beer bongs!?!wtf!? anyway!.!.)!. I want to go so that I can try and meet people but nobody in my flat wants to go, in fact they were more annoyed about the noise it would cause! I'm not the most confident of people, especially when it comes to turning up to a party on my own where everyone knows someone and I know nobody!. But I like to talk to people and have a good time!. I'd really like to go, its a good chance for me to meet people outside this flat, but I don't know if I could actually turn up on my own! Any advice!? Should I bother!? No pisstake answers please lovlies :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

I think you should definitely go!. If you're not going to be friends with the folks in your own flat, you might as well make friends with the folks upstairs!. Besides that, if you're going to have to listen to the party, you might as well have some fun in the process!.

When you go, don't think of yourself as "turning up alone"!. It's not a date, but the guy upstairs invited you, so set your mind as if you're going there with him!. That will help get past your lack of confidence!. also, try to remember that everyone there is probably as nervous about meeting new people as you are, and they'll be thrilled to have someone walk up and introduce themselves!. Don't believe for a minute that everyone there knows everyone else - it's entirely likely that they've invited half the neighborhood, so go in believing that they all can't wait to meet you!

Alternately, if you REALLY don't want to go alone, just beg one of your current flatmates to go with you for the first 15 minutes!. That will give you time to grab a beer (might as well, if they're offering), and introduce yourself to someone!. Once you've gotten started, your momentum will keep you going!. If you get there, and find that everyone are duds, then you can both leave!.

Another suggestion (especially if the party ends up being no fun) is to walk upstairs, grab a beer, and casually walk back downstairs to watch the telly!. When your cup is empty, go back upstairs!. There's no need to turn down perfectly good (free) beer!

FYI, if you turn up alone, the guys will say, "Wow!.!.!.another single woman!.!.!.this guy throws great parties!"!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

I like Abfabmom's idea of asking a flatmate to go with you for the first fifteen minutes but why not go further and suggest that you all go and take a look at your neighbours for a few minutes!? Admit that you feel a little shy abut turning up on your own but you'd like to get to know more people!.!.if they refuse then go anyway and just be thankful that you aren't with such a group of miseries after all!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

you should absoloutely go on your own!. moving into student accommodation is a great excuse to meet new people!. Just take a bottle of something with you, and make an effort to talk to people!. If they ask why you are alone, jut be honest and tell them you are not getting on that well with your flat mates and you wanted to meet other people living near by! You'll get on fine!.
Good luck and have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Get a mate outside the flat to go with you!? Just a suggestion either that or turn up early and offer to help set up so that way u can meet people and it doesnt seem like you went on your own Www@FoodAQ@Com

Nobody will mind you going on your own
I think you should go and meet people and make friends!.
Have fun :]Www@FoodAQ@Com

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