16th birthday ideas. 10 points to best answer.?!

Question: 16th birthday ideas!. 10 points to best answer!.!?
I'll be turning 16 in December and I've just moved to Florida this Summer so as of now I really don't have that many friends and the friends I do have aren't friends with each other!. So whats something I can do to entertain all of them but still have fun myself!? I thought something like going paintballing would be fun but most of my friends aren't into that kinda of thing!. Honestly I'd just rather my stepbrother invite over a bunch of his friends and have him decide what to do than have to go through all of this!. Anyways, ideas please and thank you!. =DWww@FoodAQ@Com

Oh wow!. xD But still, this could be a good idea to get all your friends to become friends and bond!. You could also get your stepbrother and his friends, and maybe you'll ALL become friends! You never know!. But still, there is a lot of time left to bond with everyone, so don't worry!.

Paintballing sounds fun, and who knows, your friends might have never tried it and they might really enjoy it!

Mini golf!?
Laser tag!?
Go carting!?
Going to the mall!?
The classic party at your house!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

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