Whats a good theme for a 13 year old's birthday party?!

Question: Whats a good theme for a 13 year old's birthday party!?
Ok so for my birthday party i really want it to be alot of fun, and really cool and NOT crummy! So what are good themes!? It MIGHT be a boy/girl party!.But if its not i want it to be fabulous and glamorous like Paris themed!. Please help!! thanks!!

Movie party theme for hall or at home!. Have a movie themed party!. They sell decoration kit and lots of decorations for this at oriental trading!. com!. If at home watch a cool movie, have popcorn and all kids of candy and junk food!. Make or buy pizza and have sundaes!. Have a sleep over with the girls if you want!. Have a dance in a hall with this theme!. Have everhyone wear a movie star costume!. Favors: black gold metallic beads from oriental, directors clapboard photo keychain from oriental, sunglasses from oriental or windy city novelities (make sure to buy adult ones)!.

Neon glow in the dark This is a cool theme!
For the invites oriental trading has neon badges!. They are neon nylon necklaces that have a clear plastic case!. You need to make the cards on your computer using the business card maker on your computer or just use the MS Word!. You might want to put a really big VIP in color and on the back at the top Nicole's Neon Bash in cool color and font and then the party info, who what when!.

Oriental trading sells Neon gangster hats!.

Oriental sells neon sunglasses!.
Oriental also sells neon jelly bracelets
Glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, lot of sites have these!.
Neon Twist and Glow lollipops!.
Neon nail polish u!.s!. toy company
Neon lazer candy (just like pixie sticks but in neon)
Neon slap bracelet at u!.s!. toy company
More neon themes go along with Glow in the dark!.

windy city novelties has neon tablecloths, cups, napkins!. Just type neon in their search bar!.

Shindigz has black light sensitive neon latex balloons!. Again put neon in their search bar!.

Shindigz also sells a neon lights personalized banner!.

Oriental trading sells a neon fringe banner

Oriental trading sells neon balloon weights for the balloons you buy!.

Party cheap has neon party horns and garland!.

Glow in the dark sites:
glow source
shop!.glogames!.com Lots of games here!.
Light God

U!.S!. toy company sells neon body glitter!.
Windy city novelties sell lumi balloons that are balloon with lights in them!.

Large neon party pack (kinda expensive) at windy city novelties!.

So to search for neon and glow items go to all the party sites ands put that in the search bar:

These appetizers were great at our sweegt 16:

Taco Dip:
2 softened cream cheese!.
1 16oz sour cream
1 packet taco seasoning!.

Mix with mixer!. Put in bottom of a cookie sheet!. Top with shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and green onions!. Use the cheese but you can altered the rest to your taste, maybe add black olives!. Make 2 of these!. Serve with tostitos scoops!.

6 cups Crispix cereal
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup butter
12 ounce chocolate chips
2 cups powdered sugar
Melt peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips together in the microwave or on the stove!. Stir into cereal!. Put powdered sugar in a paper sack!. Put cereal mixture in and shake until well coated!.
Silver Dollar Sandwiches:
These are silver dollar rolls made by your bakery in the grocery store!. We have them in our store just ready to grab, for large orders call ahead for some!. Anyway they are perfect for parties, hand size, neat!. You buy shaved ham, beef and turkey!. You put lettuce on if you want and some cut cheese into triagles and put on!. also put real butter on on side of the bun inside of course!. And have mustard and mayo packets on ice in case anyone wants that!.

get a pinata that matches a theme if you choose a theme!.

Put a certain number of candies in a pie plate, fill with cool whip or whip cream and guests have to hold their hands behind their back and find the candies to win a prize!.

Buy poster of a cute actor or singer (get one of a girl and one of a boy if you are having a coed party)!. Anyway, put lipstick on the guest, blind fold them and then spin them a couple times and put them in front of the poster and they have to kiss it!. Whoever comes the closest to the actor or singers mouth wins a prize!. This can be funny, especially if boys come and they have to put on lipstick!.

Police/Jail: Isheriffs badges at shindigz!. costumes and handcuffs at oriental trading!.
Police line up board at oriental trading!.
Police red flashing light at shindigz!.
Police car cardboard standee at shindigz!.
wanted posters at buycostumes!.
Get some brick wall backgrounds to make a jail room or use for the walls at the stumps prom!. To make cheap jail bars get PVC pipe really cheap like 3!.50 for a 10 foot piece!. He said you can spray paint it for a great effect!.
Police standees at futurememories!.com
Go to jail sign: If in Milwaukee or Illinois rent this otherwise make one yourself from propsunlimited!.
Decoration police line tape at copsplus!.com


Hollywood theme, punk rocker theme (or any kind of music), 70s, football (or some other sport), all black, all white (everyone has to wear those colors), funky socks theme, Joker theme, Mardi Gras!. There are tons of great themes that people can be creative with!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

If it's this month, then Halloween is the logical choice!. If it's in November, then Fall Harvest !.!.!.!.!.!. Winter Wonderland or Candyland for December or January !.!.!.!.!.!.Valentine's Day for FebWww@FoodAQ@Com

Well if you dont want it crummy then definatly dont have a bread themeWww@FoodAQ@Com

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