OMG I Need Help with My Birthday?!

Question: OMG I Need Help with My Birthday!?
OK so my bday is on Sunday !. I will be 13 !. 2 of my friends are coming over !. Im polish by the way!. So right now my mom has left me to plan everything and do everything she is just paying for food, ballons,cake and decrationsI need to plan so i have enough time each day to clean the house which is very messed up, do homework and my computer!.Can you guys help me with that!? also one of my friends is a vegertaion!.She doesn't eat meat at all!. I need a couple of polish or american easy to make or ready to buy recipes!. My family shops at BJ's and Shoprite!.And my 2 nephews are coming over so I need some fun games I can make at home or esy household items for!. They are boys ,One is 8 the other is 2 and a half!. One last thing I need to have cool decorations and suggestions,images or websites would be amazing!.

Always Fablous

Thank you so much

leave the boys to do something on their own, like put them outside or put a movie on for them!.
it's YOUR party, have fun with YOUR friends!.
watch some movies ( comedy or scary is always good (Y) )
get good food (popcorn, cake, pop,) for your vegitarian friend maybe combine all of your favourite food idea's and make your dinner for yourselves!. that would be fun :)
play truth or dare
give makeovers

go to google and search up girl birthday games, or something!.
i'm sure they'll have what your looking for!.
have a great party!
and happy birthday!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

sry, cnt help

shrt anount of time!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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