Pirate Party.... Help?!?! ?!

Question: Pirate Party!.!.!.!. Help!?!!?! !?
Ok so I'm having a pirate party next weekend!.!.!.!

I'm not sure of what all I can do for activities!.!.!. or for food any suggestions would be pretty awesome!.!.!. I have most people dressing up as pirates!.!.!.

For food I wanna keep it fairly simple!.!.!. like finger foods or something!.!.!. any help would be awesome!!! =D
Thanks in advance!! Www@FoodAQ@Com

I like the first answer!!

And for finger foods, you could do regular finger foods, but give them piratey names!.!.!.Like "chicken wings" could be "parrot wings!." Chips could be "salty treasures" etc!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I had a pirate party for my b-day a few years ago and it went pretty well!. Im not sure how many people you are going to have but make table cards with the guests name on it and under it put a fun pirate name!. you can usually find a pirate name generator online!. I also put fun truth and dare whatnot'ss on some paper and put them in black and red balloons!. Then I had someone pop a balloon and they had to do whatever was on the card!. Pinatas are also really fun!. My friends blindfolded me with two eye patches! For food, make mini cup cakes and brownies, fruit and veggie platters always go over well too!. Put chocolate coins around the table too, they go over well!. I hope this helped a little! Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

you could do a neighborhood scavenger, oops "treasure" hunt!. make a pirate looking map fo your neighborhood and have all of them be different with the X marks the spot locations!. have teams of two and they have to find their treasure chest and get back to your house first!. Maybe get some neighbors involved by hiding the objects in their yards and they have to go up to the door and say a secret pirate phrase " yee must walk the plank yee scabby!.!.!.!.arrrrgggghhhh" then they have to get the secret password back from them in order to be allowed in their yard for the treasure!.
just make your normal party foods- taco dip, meatballs or lil smokies, veggie tray, cheese and crackers, pizza rolls or pizzaWww@FoodAQ@Com

Go fot treasure hunt game!.!.!. buy some fake coins, beads etc and a treasure chest and hide it anywhere in the house!.!.!.!. draw a map and split it into pieces and hide the pieces and in every piece give a clue to the next piece!.!.!.!. for a great range of pirate party supplies!.!. decorations, accessories, costumes and tableware,,, visit:


I would say seafood!
You could give everyone treasure chests and fill it with chocolate for dessert!.
For activities you could have everyone choose partners and have a scavenger hunt and include little prizes like eyepatchs, skull crossbone necklace, binoculars!.!.!. etc!.
For drinks- you could serve a blue drink and put little toy boats on the top!.


nachos with cheese

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